I was watching a TV show yesterday where they were shadowing game wardens in the people republic of california. They found a vehicle parked on posted property after midnight, it was filled with hunting gear and they suspected they were poaching deer. They waited for the suspect to come back to the vehicle and leave.

They pulled the vehicle over as soon as they pulled away. When they patted the person down they asked what was under their hunting shirt. The suspect stated it was a bra. They asked what was in the suspects front pocket and the suspected stated it was dildo's. They checked the other pocket and it had a jar of vaseline. They asked the suspect what the string tied to their belt was for and the suspect stated it was tied to the vibrator in their underwear.

If you caught the hint about being in the republic of california, you might have guessed this was a male suspect...

The 2 wardens had the "WTF did I get myself into" look since it was all on tape. All the one said at the end of the clip - "that was different.." and a nervous/embarassed laugh.