Utah Shootouts Notice - to all those that have been interested in the shooting sports and training.

Please forward this to any Law Enforcement personnel you know. This is also good for Military or private groups. This is a limited time offer. As you can see it is priced at a bare minimum for now, so it is a great opportunity for trainers to use this great facility.

To Law Enforcement Officers and Trainers:

Clint Simon and the North Springs Shooting Range L.E. Training Center, is pleased to offer an exclusive opportunity for Law Enforcement Officers and Departments to enhance their Firearms training.

This training will utilize areas not available to the general public including – The “Law Enforcement” venue, which has 77 computer controlled targets, three “Running Man” targets, a “Bobber” range, a three room “Hot House” and any number of portable target stands. Distances from point blank out to 100 yards.

Also exclusive use of the “Over the Edge” and “Along the Ridge” venues with 135 steel targets set up in natural terrain. These can be shot from 26 natural and man made practical shooting positions/barricades. Distances from 75 out to 400 yards. Target sizes from 3” to 18”.

Public ranges that can also be utilized are the 1000 yard, 600 yard, 100 yard, pistol, Cowboy Town and Buffalo Canyon.

This specialized training can include but not limited to clear and not so clear decision making of: Target identification, Shoot and No Shoot scenarios, Hostage situations and expanding the limits of accuracy, speed, patience, movement, etc, all while practicing the basics of good sight picture, trigger control, follow through, etc.

Because this is Department Specific (no preset Course of Fire) Clint will need input from the trainers so he can program and operate the computers with scenarios to increase the concentration level and proficiency of Law Enforcement Officers. He can be adjusting the Course of Fire as the day goes on for the training desired. Such as the speed, size, distance and type of targets to accommodate different skill levels, weapons used, use of movement, barricades, multiple targets, etc. All firearms training is available including, Handgun, Shotgun, Carbine and “Sniper” Rifle.

Cost: $25 per Officer with a $200 minimum per day. Cost includes Range Fees, Targets and Support. North Springs Shooting Range and Utah Shootouts has teamed up to make this offer the most cost effective training possible.

Clint has video of LE only events that we have hosted during the last few years, available upon request. So for more information contact:

Clint Simon
Utah Shootouts
801 599 1574


Scott Olsen
Range Master
North Springs Shooting Range, Price, Ut.
435 650 7728