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Thread: Anybody using the Pro 1000

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    Question Anybody using the Pro 1000

    Thinking of getting one for loading 38spc, 45acp, and the 9mm.

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    Yes, got it cheap, used and reconditionned, from Lee (about $80 I think).
    I've used it in 45acp, 9mm and 44mag so far, about 1500 rounds all together.

    After the first "whoaa" contact, I've had to learn how to live with its primer related idiosyncrasies:
    - keep it clean,
    - always have at least a dozen primer in "there" for gravity feeding,
    - don't load too many in the tray or they will start a powwow,
    - accept a few of them to jam in the priming system,
    - accept it as a $80 tool, not as smooth as a $400 one (it really helps that I paid only $80 there...)

    Also it is easy to change shell plates without removing the whole carrier, unlike shown is LEE's documentation. I don't think it's having any side effect apart from being less stressful for the carrier.

    I wanted something cheap, faster than my LEE turret and able to use its toolheads (turrets), so so far she's my girl...


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    Default Lee Progressive 1000

    Hi Toney,And all,
    Yes the Lee progressive 1000 has it's quirks.Seems like there's more positive
    to it than negative.I like mine in spite of the quirks.
    I do have one. With a case collator,it's better.The bullet feeder,well, I still have the prototype.Told Lee about it.They took off with my idea.
    Months after I bought mine, I was loading.I looked at the parts, ordered more.
    Was thimking, if the cases could be auto feed, why not the bullets ?
    At work,I brought home,some HMW plastic.Formed the slider,etc.
    Mounted it.Crude.It did semi-work.The problem what I had, was holding the bullets.Tried some very tough plastic belt, that's used in the cocktail department.Was a nightmare getting a hole through about 1/2".Heated empty cases HOT to melt the plastic.Took about 3 hours to do it.Then ream it out a little.Just enough tension to hold the bullet, and yet big enough so the case would slide.
    I knew it would work.It is still in the big "ZIPLOCK" bag, in the reloading bench.
    So, there you have it.Lee might not admit to who invented the bullet feed.
    I don't get any royalties to this.Still say, I did invent it.
    OK, back on track. Had a primer blowup in the primer trough.And,no powder
    in a few cases.There was powder in the hopper.See my other thread about why I do the primer seating, and the powder charging separately.
    Yes, it is fast. With cases like the 454 Casull,seat the bullet first. No crimp yet. When done with the bullet seating,then crimp.This prevents the case walls from buckling/crinkling.
    The Lee 1000 can speed things up quite a bit.Just make sure you do a full up + down cycle.Otherwise, it will index off a ways.And possibly ruin a case or 3.
    Had mine for some 17-18 years.Very few problems with it.
    It just don't do 45-70's. Pistol/revolver cases,works good.

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    I do not like the Lee equipment that much. I have always used a single stage RCBS. I do have a Lee hand press, But I never use it. I do have a set of Lee 223 dies and they are good, but I would like the RCBS better. As Kg42 said in his post except it as a $80 tool, not like the $500 RCBS or Dillon. The Lee dies I like for the bullet seating depth adjuster, but I like the RCBS for the life time warranty.

    But there is some Lee produces that are of very good use like the Lee zip trim. That little tool makes triming almost fun!!!!!! And the Lee primer pocket cleaner.

    I have seen some Lee stuff that looks and works like it is made out of very rough plastic!!!!!!!

    But as I said there are some Lee products that I do like.

    (Reminds me of what I do to my brothers)

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    I really like my rcbs press have always used the Lee challenger press thought when starting 45acp bullets i had to be super carefull or they did'nt start straight, in the rcbs there always straight now matter how i set them on the cases. Been buying hornady dies like them. kinda got T'd when i bought the lee 765-53 dies and there was'nt an expander ball on the decapper pin.

    thats pretty cool Richard inventing a bullet starter i still havent ordered a 38 bullet mold yet it's been deer season and i have a bad habit every time i get a new rifle cleaned and sighted in i start going into withdraws.


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    Default Lee Progressive 1000/tidbits

    Hi Gang,
    One more time,forgot again !
    Had a problem of the last few primers not going down the trough.
    Had to have something that would push them down.
    I came up with a medium ty-wrap/cable/wire ties. Cut off most of the locking head.Trimmed the head,so it would fit the trough, after the primer tray was removed.When the trough was empty,I marked the cable tie, with a permanent marker.Sure helps out.
    With the RCBS "RS",bought the automatic primer tool.Has the aluminum tubes.
    I did keep a scant few things from when I worked at Kraft Systems.
    (MFD radio control equipment. I worked there for 6 years.)
    Have a small round aluminum rod (was used to make the joysticks),and a 1/2"
    steel allen screw (headless) and a nut, which is tightened altogether.
    I use this as a weight to help make sure the primers do get on the primer seating cup.
    When empty,you can't move the primer arm.And it is a positive thing to have.
    Then you know that the primer tube is empty.
    To cure this, remove the primer tube. Put the clip in the tube.Remove the weight.Fill the tube again.The weight on top.Ready to go again.
    The tubes hold only 50 primers at a time.
    Been using this weight for years.You can use solid brass, as long as it will fit
    both the large and small primer tubes.Would say about 1" will do it.
    After using this, and tried to use the RCBS primer strips tools,I found that rather than jiggling primers in the strip seating tool, this old setup is faster.
    You won't be using .....uh....choice words.At the expense of time compared to using the primer strip tools,the old way is faster.Get priming done faster.
    (more or less)
    My loading bench isn't setup on a permanent fashion.Everything is taken down, and stored away. Then when the reloading bug gets ahold of me, set
    up again.Takes an average of 30 minutes to re-mount everything.Wing nuts,
    specially made offset thick washers.(The washers are stainless.Originally to
    mount the peach pitters on the frames.The frames are manifolds.One is for air.The other is for water.)
    Because, we live in a senior mobile home park, the deck is covered,
    yet,exposed.I cover my lathe and reloading benches (actually roll aways)
    with old blankets.Just to keep prying eyes from wondering too far.
    Yeah, there's a lot of money tied up in equipment.

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    A few years ago when i decided to take the plunge into the murky world of Progressive loading/ Presses I settled for a Lee turret. I figured if it did'nt work out I was'nt going to be out of pocket ! As a Pro Roo shooter I was loading roughly about 800-1000 rnds a week. I found the turret to be a great press for .223 ammo & several pistol cals that I load

    All times wasted wot not spent shootin

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    Default d-o-k

    G'day to ya mate,
    You did the right thing.
    For some reason,or another,some really don't get the "hang" of reloading.
    I started out with the little boxed "Lee Loader".This was back in the early
    70's.Just took off from there.
    Some, just don't have an interest in reloading.
    Mostly, I find reloading as a way to make better ammo.Make ammo more accurate.The bottom line, a more cost effective way,than buying factory ammo all the time.For the 454 Casull,the ammo for 20 rounds is still quite expensive.Same for the 45-70.
    So then if I buy cases in bulk, bullets and primers,the cost per round drops.
    There is at least one good effect from this;no more excuses to say "Got to stop by the store.And buy more ammo." You'll have it available.Just grab and go.No side trips.
    Will see you later,mate.

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