Hi Gang ,
So much has happened since I was here last.
I took an early retirement,after our plant was closed October 30th,2006.
January,I went back to college for training as an electrician.
May 3,2007,I graduated.May 5th, we went back to Arizona.Checked for work in Tombstone.G/F's nephew retired from the Air Force,and now a real estate agent.
They want us there in Arizona.In fact, several want us there.
(Now,am checking into real estate training)
Pension check,and all looked good.
June 1st,I went to Turlock, and bought a Ruger Vaquero 45 Colt.
This is considered my graduation and birthday present.
Nice shooter.The barrel needs seasoning.
Last year, bought an Uberti 1873 Cattleman Chisholm,4 3/4",matte finish.
Anyway,long story short, bought a new Ruger BH 4.6" 45 Colt. It was several months before I could go out to the range. Shot it the first time about 4 weeks ago.
Had to open the throats to .452". Made my own jig to hold the cylinder.Nope,didn't have any chamber throating reamers either.
Then,November,bought an original 1884 Springfield Trapdoor rifle.It's in 45-70 Govt. Still haven't shot this one yet.Looking at the prices,they just keep going up.
Got mine for a grand total of $680.00.
At the range July 4th,my F.A.454 Casull and 44 mag RedHawk were shot.The 44 mag,was outshooting the others.Especially with 270gr Speers.
Hunting this year ? I don't know.
Have several that needs to be re-sighted in.Used a laser bore sighter.It really messed up the sights.Manufacturer says "It will get you on target."
Yeah, right ! The old fashioned way can get you on target just as easy.
Take care you guys.