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Thread: Farthest shot

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    Ground Hog 350 yds 7mm Rem Mag
    Red Fox 175 yds 22mag

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    Many years ago, got a woodchuck in western N.Y. at over 500 with a pre 64 Mod 70, Varm. 243 w/12x Unertal(sp). Have taken numerous p-dogs in excess of 350-400 w/223, but of course there were numerous misses as well. However, the varm. shot I prize most was with my K-Hor. in #3 Ruger/Old Weaver K-8, w 35 gr. V-Max over 12 gr. H-110, on a med. size p-dog at 265 ranged. Clean center shot kill w/just a little tail twirl. That is stretching a K, and I was really tickled with myself for that one.

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    Well mine wasn't a varmint, but many, many, years ago I was shooting an NRA bullseye match. Back then I shot a Custom Giles .45 colt. Fantastic gun, guaranteed 1 3/8 groups at 50 yd. from a ransom rest. Sometimes when the gun got a bit on the dirty side it would double, or triple on me. This particular afternoon I guess it was just a bit dirtier than normal and it doubled. The first round was an x the second hit a knot in the wood above eye level, the round bounced off the knot, hit the concrete deck, bounced off the concrete, hit a steel pole, then hit my ex wife right in the forehead. It had expended enough energy so it just whacked her good, But considering she left me 6 months later, I thought it was a fantastic shot!!!!
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    Default X wife

    Sounds like a varmint to me.

    As we all know the first lier doesn't have a chance.

    Just kidding...Interesting thread
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    1147 metres in Feb 1991 hunting varmints with a M82A1 in North Kuwait/southern Iraq.

    467 yards on a wounded whitetail Buck using a 7mmRemMag/160grain AccuBond.


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    In the past I have taken deer with a .243 at 175 yards in WV. Finding a longer range shot is not going to happen, the mountains in the way.

    I shoot coyotes out to 150 yards near my home, but generally they are some where near my 100 yard markings, so I use my AR on them.

    Right now I am trying to bag a G'Hog with my 10/22 at probably 30 yards, I am using Remington SubSonic 22 LR for this.


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    When my daughter was in High school she saw a coyote on the south side of our house while getting ready for school. I grabbed my Weatherby Varminter 22-250 and from the edge of our house I squeeked enough to stop the coyote in a safe shooting zone. I fired one shot and dropped him for the longest shot I ever made. I had to use my range finder from where I hit him back to the house to see how far it was. It turned out to be 342 yards. Not exactly really long range but I was proud of the shot. I've had chances to shoot deer at longer ranges but was not willing to take the chance on wounding one on a off percentage shot. The longest shot I've taken on deer was a doe on Fort Bragg in North Carolina at just under 300 yards. I prefer not to take long shots at deer or most any proper game animal. In the past several years I don't think I've taken a shot at a deer over 100 yards. In fact most of them have been under 30 yards.

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    Default farthest eh?

    Well, I once shot a high BC bullet out of an 8mm Rem Mag at about a 33 degree angle above horizon and it hit something a few miles downrange.

    Seriously, anyone can say anything about such feats. I guess I've shot a few Pdogs at well over 400. Larger varmints.... about a two way tie.... two different killing shots with a .270 Win, 130 grain bullets. Both coyotes- both running and quartering away. Different times about 6 years apart. Two different witnesses. One shot taken at each. One at 490 yards and the other at 495 yards.
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    Default not a long one but...

    Well mine is not long by any standard, but I used to have the wife flip quarters up in the air for me to shoot at with my first gun ever, an old winchester 22 automatic rifle. I got to where I could hit them with some regularity. But the best one was I took the BIL out and didn't have a quarter so he flipped up a washer for me to try, we taped the hole with masking tape I had in the truck, and he flipped it good and high straight up. He nearly freaked out when it landed in his hand with a neat little hole in the tape. I carried that washer around for a long time, think I still have it.
    Longest shot was a whitetail at about 200 yards off hand.

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    Have numerous p-dog kills at over 400 and a few over 500 with 22-250/243. One woodchuck many years ago with 243 in excess of 500 yds. However the shot that I will probably always remember most is a one shot kill on a Red Heartabeast at 438 yds ranged w/7x57 Mauser, 162 gr Hor, in a 77 Ruger. Was in Namabia two years ago. Will probably (with the economy the way it is) never be able to again hunt Africa.

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