Whole house humidifier leak
Some homes have whole house humidifiers, most commonly in homes with forced air central heating systems, this humidifier is usually ducted and connected directly to the water supply to provide a constant water supply to the humidifier's water tank, often including The equipment overflows into the sewer if the refill valve fails to close. When the valve fails, the excess water is sent directly into the sewer. This allows leaks to occur for months or years before anyone realizes the waste of water. It is important to check the operation of this equipment regularly. During the heating season in cold regions, as well as turning off the water supply to the equipment during non-use seasons.
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Evaporative cooler leaks
In very hot and arid climates, some homes are cooled by evaporative coolers, also called swamp coolers, the device uses water evaporation to cool the air sent into the home, which evaporative coolers are often attached to. to the domestic water supply to maintain water in the coolant tank as the refill valve for the tank sometimes fails to close, causing a continuous stream of water to enter the tank and drain the overflow line, often the overflow line is connected to the waste water drain, allowing the leak to continue for months or months Years. Before waste water is detected, the cooler can be easily checked for leaks by shutting off

device and monitor any water that drains through the overflow line. Leaking coolers can usually be fixed simply by replacing the refill valve, recirculation pump, or water lines.