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12-20-2016, 02:49 PM
Phone call: You should check this out. It's right up your alley. (Translation: I've got this oddball that no one can find parts and/or ammo for and I'm stuck with it so I'll sell it really cheap.)

Sometimes he really has something. Like this time. And with a little bargaining we traded even for some supplies he still owed me on so I basically had it for free. "This" was a sporterized m95 straight-pull carbine, action untouched and in very good condition. The stock was interesting. Leaving on the abusive steel buttplate, all other mil furniture was removed from the stock, it was thinned and lightened considerably, then a hand carved walnut pistol grip was fitted to it and glued into place. Really nice job, too. But who ever did it stopped there and left the remaing holes and inlets in the wood unfilled, then sanded and refinished the stock. Inside the stock was a work of art, the most careful inletting and fitting job I've ever seen, all by hand, like it was glass-bedded into the walnut. Inquiries informed me they were all fit this way.

Enbloc clips were found and 100rds of the correct ammo bought. Sand bag rest at 100yds and 2-4" groups with PRVI ammo. Rimmed case, oversized 8MM bullet. Recoil of factory loads with steel buttplate painful but OK with 1" sorbothane shield. Cast loads should be downright pleasant. Loading dies and mould obtained.

Noticed the ancient animal glue holding the pistol grip insert had cracked. If the stock needed work then there was no reason not to put a recoil pad on it at the same time. After much rumination as to the best way to proceed (of three glued surfaces, the rearward and 2/3 of the top had let go, but the forward portion closest to the stock's wrist was still solid). One good whack with a soft rubber mallet popped it cleanly out. Internal voids in the stock were filled with wood and epoxy and the grip was reassembled.

Then I was sidelined for about eight months and it sat on my workbench gathering dust. The action was on a box in the bottom of my closet. Plumbing leak above the closet. Action OK, muzzle end of the barrel was NOT but fixable, just some surface rust. Naval jelly obtained, haven't done it yet.

With wood heat I can work in no longer damp basement and two weeks ago I started back on it. Stock's butt shortened and squared, I have one more hole in the stock out of four to fill, then I have to sand the whole thing and fit the new recoil pad and finish it.

I have to finish the metal work, install swivel posts, slug the barrel, finish the bullet sizer, and cast some up. No photos yet.

12-21-2016, 01:08 AM
Vers, you are an ambitious man. All I got to say.

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