View Full Version : 44 "mag" bunny farts?

07-20-2016, 11:20 PM
Y'all got any 44 "mag" bunny fart loads for 240gr lead?

07-21-2016, 12:54 AM
You gonna kill some flies with a .44 mag Clayt?

07-21-2016, 01:08 PM
I used Unique for 44spec loads in a friend's BullDog. Keith style bullets, no GC's, 240gr LSWCPB. With minimum charges it was almost pleasant to shoot and acceptably accurate for what it was. He carried it always and shot it often with bare minimum loads. He got into casting and loading them back in the stone age as he couldn't buy any loaded ammo that wouldn't make shooting that short lightweight revolver with exposed backstrap a painful and flinch-inducing experience. I remember we tried some other target pistol powders but it liked UNQ best. Data is in storage right now, but that's where I'd start with a new handgun round anyway.

What are they going to be used in?

Markie once said of the bullet in his later years: "You could take one of them and with a wrist rocket at ten feet ring a man's bell good or even kill him if you hit clean and perpendicular in the temple or the bridge of the nose. It don't have to be shot very fast out of a revolver at that range to go right on through a man's chest and kill the fool behind him too. Load it up and it will go through a half a dozen and leave me with a sore wrist for a week every time I shoot it." He used the same bullet in .44mags in a Redhawk, a 14" Contender, and a Ruger carbine to take dozens of deer, and hundreds of varmints like coyotes, coons, and quill pigs. We loaded and shot together for many great years.

I still have a mould just like it in the collection but I don't have a matching sizer. I did buy a set of loading dies to go with it. You never know. I'd buy a 10" Contender barrel in .44mag if I happened on one in decent condition.