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11-23-2015, 04:19 PM
I live in the North Woods of New Hampshire, beyond the Presidential Range of the White Mountains (5-6000feet) on the slopes that drain into the Saint Lawrence River Valley. For large game we have moose (permit by lottery), whitetailed deer, and black bears. For smaller game we have turkey, ruffed and spruce grouse, woodcock, varying hare, furbearers, waterfowl. Terrain varies, you can always find a hunt up to your physical abilities. Cover is thick, often coniferous with some mixed hardwood. When the leaves are down you can see some distance, but unless you are hunting along power lines or in fields from a stand where you might get to see 200yds or more, 100yds is a very long shot. Most large game here is taken at less than 50yds. Levers (Win 94's and Sav99's), and short compact bolt actions are easiest but you can carry just about anything as long as you don't load more than 5 rounds in it, some folks carry some ridiculous rigs for the conditions, optics are pretty much useless unless red dot or very low power. I like peep (aperture) sights.

11-23-2015, 10:52 PM
Hi Looks very nice indeed, is there much hunting done with shotgun and lead solids or paradox. I go along with you on the aperture sight. Would be interested on your views regarding a side by side Paradox in this country. It would be great to have a crack at, I suspect real stalking would be called for looking at the country, Be interesting to look at some close ups of your forests. The upland bird choice looks real challenging and this has been a favorite of mine. I can almost taste grouse stew with dumplings in the pot. Do you camp out or mainly day hunt ? Regards ancestor.

11-24-2015, 06:46 PM
Generally we day hunt. Many have little cabins off in the middle of nowhere and there are a few diehards that like to tent, but it can go from a pleasant sunny afternoon in short sleeves to a white out that drops below freezing and dumps three feet of snow in a few hours time. I will post you some woods photos. The one above is on a pipeline trail less than 100yds from my front door, lots of birds and larger game along it but too close to habitation to be shooting there. Now the leaves are all down and you can actually see the birds when they flush and have a fair chance at hitting them. We normally have some snow on the ground now which makes for easier tracking, but no luck so far. I like to wait until after deer season is over (another two weeks) before taking the dog out after birds into the same cover. I am not up to deer hunting this season anyway unless one attacks me at my friend's farm while we're target shooting and I am forced to drop it in self defense to fill the freezer. I can wait a couple more weeks. No bird tastes better than a partridge (ruffed grouse), any way you cook it.

If I understand you correctly, what I call a Paradox is a shotgun barrel with rifling in the muzzle end. They were, IIRC, developed in the late 1800's in larger gauges like 10, 8, 6, & 4 for African dangerous game hunting. There were muzzle loaders and later breech loaders that were so rifled. Basically it is to me a double barreled shotgun set up to shoot large and very heavy slugs at large nasty game at relatively short distances. Is that what you mean?

11-24-2015, 09:16 PM
Yes, Some gun-makers made them as low as 12 gauge Probably most were aimed at the colonies and not many made it over your way. I suppose they were O'k in the days when birds were so tame that any sort of a shot pattern was acceptable especially with soft lead. I fully understand the bodies reluctance to apply the power in this ageing process s I am well over the hill myself. Lately getting choppered in to places where one can glass game from the dinner table at base camp. The altitude has me beat now so its bush edges and old logging tracks for me. We are going to the North Is in Dec and not sure when we will be back some time in January I suppose and will look into going up for Pheasant and quail and possibly a deer on the Volcanic Plateau next May. Here is a pic of the east side of the alps but don't be misled this is still above 4000 feet. the chamois and Tahr are lower down here but the range is on the long side, anyway will take pics if I go over.344 Beauty is there is a hut up there and with a good 4x4 fitted with snorkel for river work one can drive up to it.345 This was my old puddle jumper which I gave to the kids a couple of years ago when I got too ancient to lift the wheels to change a tire. Here's hoping you get to burn some powder and put game in the freezer ,, Regards ancestor.