View Full Version : Home made shatter blast targets

single shot
01-24-2008, 04:15 AM
I buy a 2X2 and use the band saw to cut it into sections as long as the 1/8 drill bit I have. Then drill holes lengthwise through these pieces.

Then I cut them into 1/8 thick slices.

Finally I paint them with orange marking spray paint. The type that sprays while upside down.

I center this hole so that the carpet tack used as a push pin to hold it to the backer becomes a black bullseye.

Pin a bunch of them to a target backer and they shatter when you get a hit.

I do the same thing with 2X4 cut into square blocks, drilled, then sliced as 4"X 1/8" squares for longer range 300 yrd targets.

Square measurements are the actual wood sizes not exactly 2" or 4" square.