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Sigma 40 Blaster
06-18-2007, 12:39 AM
I'm thinking about buying a S&W 5" .22 for target shooting to improve the "fundamentals" of my shooting. This suggestion was made to me by a guy I work with who was ranked in the top 50 shooters in country for a few years running...and was wondering what you guys think.

I found a $200 pistol at Academy, I'm not wanting to spend a lot more than that for a .22 (I am actually wanting to get a 1911 .45 or .357 revolver)...do you guys think shooting a few hundred rounds a week through this thing will help me with trigger pull technique and sight alignment more than shooting my regular conceal carry weapons???

I don't doubt my buddy's word, just want to get some other perspectives.

06-19-2007, 08:41 PM
I'm not hot on the 22, probably because I have to go to the store and buy the ammo (different brand or product each time of course....), and I replaced it years ago with the 9 Luger for cheap shooting.
But I have to admit that I loved shooting a friend's Buckmark (beautifully made, cheap and accurate) because of it's 1911 general feeling. I would also probably regret my Single Six if it had been a little more accurate, and chambered in 32.

The more you shoot the better you are supposed to become. There's a good chance that a S&W revolver with a target set of grips would be good enough to give you confidence in your shooting (and make you realize that your service gun is not a target shooter :() , but I'm not sure that would translate in improvment in other kinds of shooting.


06-19-2007, 11:06 PM
I would say that it's not a bad idea. They're cheap to shoot, and the more you practice with a short sight radius, the better your trigger control.

I would opt for a used Ruger Mk2 (NOT the new Mk3) with a bull barrel and target sights. There are two grip styles, the regular and the 1911, depending on which is more comfortable in your hand. You can also pick up the plain version really cheap and put an aftermarket barrel on it - a bit more involved than on a 10/22, but doable by most. You should be able to get a nice used one for less than $200, depending on how much demand there is for them in your area. Mine is notably more accurate than my 10" Contender in .22LR Match.

Fireball 57
06-20-2007, 01:18 AM
Sigma: I believe Versifier is right on track! While I shoot a Morini target 22 for an indoor 22 pistol league, a heavy-barreled Ruger Mk2 will fit the bill. All the basics, necessary for an accurate shot, can be practiced without too much concern for ammo. While some makes and lots of ammo are much more accurate than others, I sense cost is a factor. As practice dictates, the Ruger can be upgraded with smooth triggers, grips and sights. Don't short change yourself, into thinking a twenty-two is not worth putting your time and or money into it. It takes a fair amount of practice to put TEN well executed shots into a size of a dime, at fifty feet, shooting single-handed with both eyes wide open. Have a good day!

Sigma 40 Blaster
06-22-2007, 05:18 PM
Versifier and Fireball...the day after I posted this I saw a Ruger Mk II for new at a local gunshop for 215.00 new...it is now on layaway and I'm about to go rescue it today (PAYDAY). I haven't had a chance to check back on this thread until today, I love my P95 and haven't heard much bad about any other model of Ruger so the name and price fit my bill. I feel a lot better after having read so many good things about it, the Smith and Baretta Neos both had very iffy reviews...I think I got a winner (bull barrel, 5" I think with target sights).

After putting about 400 rounds through it I realize that I will never win any precision shooting matches due to a natural tremble in my hands but am loving blowing the middle out of targets at 15 yards (I'm still working at 7 yds with my .40 cal Sigma)...my groups with my 40 have shrunk drastically thanks to my trigger work with the .22 and a trigger mod I did a week or so ago...