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Bullshop Junior
05-07-2007, 04:45 AM
I have am going to have a chance to go bear hunting this spring, and when I do I am going to take my new old ruger 77 Mk2 30/06 all weather. I am using the hornady 165gn spire point. I shot one into the sand and the bullet performed very well, so it will work good on bear. the load is.
Primer:CCI #200
Powder:51.0gn H-4895
Bullet: Hornady 165gn spire point
Case:R-P 30/06

Now here are two loads for D-O-K, because I now that he likes to do gun magic on crows to make them disappear[smilie=w:
Primer: CCI #200
Powder: 52.5 H-4198
Bullet: CBE 55gn fn W/O gc or lube in sabot
Case: TW-52 30/06
Other: bullet has to be sized at .224

Primer: CCI #200
Powder: 56.0gn Reloader #7
Bullet:55gn CBE fn W/O gc or lube in sabot
Case:R-P 30/06
Other: shot milk jug with water in it with a dry spruce log behind it. blew milk jug into 3 pieces and bullet went 1/3" into the wood block, ending up weighing 11.2gn Shot dry spruce log. went in 5*1/2" and all that was left was dust.

Shot crow.........Did not find any thing(that was a lie! I did not shoot a crow.........they always seem to know when I have the gun!)
I will tell you if I get a bear and will try to give the story.
Daniel/BS JR.

05-10-2007, 08:27 PM
My favorite jacketed '06 load is the 165 Speer SP BT. Winchester brass, WLR primer, and 58 grains of IMR 4831. Supposed to do about 2,750 fps, but I haven't fired any since we bought the chronograph, so I don't really know.

This has been a very good load for me in my Model 70 for many years. I'm out of that lot of powder, and primers too, so next time I need more I'll have to experiment again.

I might even try your "Bear Load" then. Good hunting!:)

08-13-2007, 01:00 AM
My '06 Really likes those Hornaday 165 spire points, and I have shot more critters than I'd care to admit with them. Deer, Antelope, Elk (Rocky Mtn and Roosevelt) Domestic Cattle and horses, feral house cats , stock running Dogs and Black Bear. I'm a bit over what the "book" says I should be with AAC 4350 and CCI 250 primers, but my chronograph only says 2750 fps. It's the only load I have for that rifle and the only one I will have for it. If I was smart and thrifty, it's the only one I would have, but whats the fun in that? You put that bullet in the right place and that Bear is yours.


Bullshop Junior
08-13-2007, 03:28 AM
Man, when I saw this thread I thought that it was a new one from someone else.
Sence I posted the first post on this thead, I have started to moly coating the bullets. It shoots about the same, but leaves me with a little cleaner barrel. Also sence then I have shot more of the bullshop dynimite rounds. I am looking forward to some time this week. we may go rabbit humting, and I think that I know what I will be carring.
Daniel/BS Jr.

12-19-2008, 09:53 PM
Greetings For bear under 100 yards I would use the 220 gr round nose at about 1700+ fps 23 grains 2400 as my 06 (CZ 24 inch barrel) shoots that real well. For crow under 50 yards a .312 Round ball with 11 grains Unique. my rifle favors that load also.

03-04-2009, 04:54 PM
Bullshop Jr. I loaded 06 for my hunting companion when we hunted Kodiak out of Port Hyden. He shot a Mod 70 Win, and I loaded 200 grain Speer with IMR 4350, with what was a max load listed in the Speer Manual at the time. He shot his bear at around a little less than 100 yds, and took it on an angled quartering shot with bear facing him. He shot it mid way in the neck, and as I said angled. One shot, dropped in place, never moved. When we skinned it out, the blt had taken out 3-4 vertabrea, and then angled down torward the shoulder blade, and went about another 14-15 inches. Did not recover the blt.
I shot mine head on with a 375H&H, center chest, 300 gr. Hor RN, It went over 200 yds, blt was lodged about just under the hide about 2" in front of the tail. Left a blood trail 6" wide and about 150 yds long befor it bled out. Magnificant animals!
If I were going after big bear again, I would still take the 375, but I would definately not feel under gunned with an 06.
Good luck on your bear hunt! Keep us posted!