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10-21-2006, 10:37 PM
With the WSM range of rounds hitting the market over here for several years I have watched ,with intrest to see if they were just a flash in the pan or whether ,they were here to stay ? On the whole if nothing else they have caused a stir in the pond of shooters (Old crusty shooters vs New chums ) .

What has caught my Eye is ,a new Wild cat range over here using the 300WSM as the parent ....... .375 , 404 (423) ,.416 , 458 , Stalker

.375 Stalker 300 gn 70gns W760 = MV 2475 ME 4071

.375 H&H 300gn Factory = MV 2530 ME 4265

.404 Stalker 400gn 70gns W760 = MV 2125 ME 4008

.404 Jeffery 400gn Factory (origanal) = MV 2125 ME 4020

These have the advantage (the whole range of Stalker rounds ) of being able to be used through Shorter actions ; ie .308 length .


MT Gianni
10-22-2006, 12:10 AM
Here I thought you had traded Tracy in. Gianni

10-22-2006, 01:31 AM
The problem I have with that comes down to one word: recoil. Case in point: in early July guy comes to the club to shoot his new rifle, a .300WSM. Takes the ultralight rifle, lays out five different boxes of factory ammo, and shoots three shots from the bench. By the third, the flinch was noticable from the other end of the firing line where I was shooting my Contender. With his left hand only, he puts the rifle back in its case, packs up the ammo and leaves, the three cases sitting on the grass. He didn't bother to take down his 100yd target, two holes just about touching, the third up and to the right by a foot. Not the first time I've found two or three or four magnum cases on the grass. The long ones, too. They're accurate, they shoot flat, and they're too abusive for most hunters to be able to shoot accurately in a light rifle without developing a serious flinch. They buy them to hunt deer here at ranges of thirty-five to fifty yards. What's wrong with this picture? A .30-30 is enough to kill a moose at that range (though I will admit I'd prefer at least a .308 for that), but we don't have long shots here and these hunters are convinced that they need a magnum to do the job on a deer. Most are working two jobs in a tourist town and can't travel to where the ranges are long and the game is that big, just read a magazine article and have to have the big boomer. I mean really, if they're going to do that, the least they could do is drop some once-fired brass that I can actually use. :mrgreen:

10-22-2006, 03:04 AM
And what is it that youssies are going to shoot with that anyways :mrgreen: ; unless the present government decides to start releasing elephants in the wild and then change their mind and want to eradicate them because they become somewhat (somehow?) troublesome?
(If they go for lions give me a call, hey? :))

On the other hand, we here in BC are meeting bigger and bigger bears when we go check our targets; which is proof enough that the old calibers are worthless and that something new is needed.... at least something more compact to drag for 400 yards every half hour.....

btw, Dave, it seems that Vectan/Nobel/SNPE/the French have purchased the remaining 50% of ADI they didn't own already?


10-22-2006, 04:14 AM
I know that feeling ! I'm one of the crusty Old shooters . There are those who feel the need for these type of calibre for Water Buff ,Camel & red Deer ! Personaly I feel the average shooter in Aus will never see any of the above! Just recently on the Fence many of the Camels I despatched were with my hornet ! Ok they were head shots & at no more than 50yrds . I'm quite happy to Hunt Buff ,Camel with a .303 as I have done for near 40yrs . I'm not in a position to run out & change Calibres at the drop of a hat . I'll admit I only use the best equipment that years of experiance have given me . But at the end of the day ,I really think some people are just victims of the advertising monster! As For ADI I've given up trying to work out who the hell owns em these days ! It seems the firm changes hands on a yearly bacis .I'm lucky in the fact that new laws & regulations that affect sporting shooters don't affect us as Pro shooters (the Gov tried & then found out how much export revenue we generate )


10-22-2006, 06:53 AM
This being said, I definitely need one in 416. 2200fps is a good number for cast bullets.

And with its fat case the mag would probably fit Versifier's "3 shots" rule too... :mrgreen: