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Bullshop Junior
06-02-2006, 04:43 AM
Ok here's the deal. I am trying to get a hand gun. The two guns that I am concidering are the CZ 52 and the Carpati 380 Walther copy. I do not know what to get, I like them both, so I am going to have you vote, and what gets the most votes I buy. Ends 7-31-06. Both the same price. The Carpati comes with a holster and two mags, and the CZ comes with 3 mags, two cleaning rods and a holster.

06-02-2006, 05:13 AM
Hi Daniel!

Are you picking a 380 because it fits your hand better? I can't really vote for that caliber, specially if you plan on using it on critters... Do you have wild dogs or something like that making trouble up there ?.

btw, could you give some news of the 444 Enfield in the original gunsmithing thread ?
Thanks ;)


06-02-2006, 05:17 AM
Walthers are nice little pistols, but they have a nasty habit of taking a big bite out of the web between your thumb and index finger, and the short grip makes your hand want to ride high on them. When they're made with a long enough beaver tail to prevent this, they are less comfortable to carry close to the body. Like all small handguns, they look nice but aren't much fun to shoot. You probably aren't worried about a concealment issue, but the CZ's larger grip area will make it easier to hold and control, the longer sight radius will make it easier to hit with, and the greater weight will recoil less and be more comfortable to shoot, even chambered in 9x19mm. You could concievably hunt small game with the CZ, too, where it would be almost impossible with the Walther.

My Dad carries a PPK/s all the time. It is a well made and fairly accurate little rig, and conceals wonderfully, but he doesn't shoot it very often. He will probably leave it to me, and I won't shoot it often either. :-D Remember that your hands are going to grow, too, and even if the little one feels comfortable now, it won't in a few years.

06-02-2006, 05:31 AM
Versifier, you just reminded me I HAD a Walther PP? (normal size) in 22, and that i found its recoil unpleasant :? ....CZ it is, but I still would look for a compact Star or similar gun :)


06-02-2006, 03:53 PM
I just traded my 52 for a star BM. I really lke the 52 but it shoots way low. I was shooting mine clean out of the notch at less than ten yards and stll shooting low, even with 110gr carb bullets.

I really really like the BM, it been 100% so far with everything i've shot through it. Other than the holster wear it don,t look shot much.

The 52 are really good guns both of the ones i had were 100% even with the eformed 223 cases. The power is awesome more muzzle energy than a 357mag and will out penatrate a 44mag. With a higher rear sight the 52 would be it!!!

06-06-2006, 03:14 AM
CZ the name says it all !!!!! I would'nt worry about bothering about a .380 though ! THe best thing they could do with it would be to shorten the case to about 1/8th of a inch long ........So nobody could use em!


06-06-2006, 01:34 PM
Well I voted for CZ. Why? I guess because I own an old CZ 85 Combat and just bought a Tanfoglio clone. CZ has a reputation of reliability, a reputation deserved from my experience.

Now that said, you didn't mention what you wanted the gun for. You are up in Alaska and I just don't know where the .380 cartridge would do you much good. Isn't much of a cartridge for any animal protection you would be worried about in your neck of the woods and for humans during the winter I suspect unless you are nto head shots the round might struggle with parkas and the like.

If you are looking at a carry gun take a hard look at either the 9MM cartridge or .45acp there isn't really much to choose between the two when armed with the right bullets. CZ makes several iterations of the 75B in compact form and for the most part, comments are favourable. For the .45acp if the Commander Size in just right for me to carry but others may have different opinions - for those that do Para makes several models of 3 1/2 guns that are quite concealable in .45acp.

Got to go with Dave when it comes to the .380 round. Good for making short work of pop cans but a .22LR will do that at less cost.

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