View Full Version : Another mark for the Howa

05-22-2006, 10:58 PM
Got a .223 Howa a few years ago in a trade. At first was doubtful about the little Japanese gun but doubts were gone when I discovered it to be a great shooter. It's a little heavy for packin', too. But from the sit on a coyote hunt it's a death ray. Was out calling a few days ago and having no luck. Just as I got back to the truck a coyote popped up from across the ranch road I'd parked beside. It ran up the road a ways and crossed. As it was running I'd set up with my Stoney Point sticks and waited for it to pause. When it stopped I guessed a hair over 300 yds. and held up a little. The 52 gr. HP Speer took care of the rest. The range finder indicated 320 yds. That little Howa with it's Timney trigger is becoming one of my favorite coyote rifles.

05-24-2006, 02:41 AM
had a really good run out of Howa /Weatherby! I brought one of theWeatherby's as it was 75 .00 cheaper than the Howa & their the one & the same rifle ! Mine were all .223's & I was really impressed with them !