View Full Version : Hi-point

09-03-2005, 07:39 PM
swaped for the 45JHP just had to shoot one. had the C9
very reliable . had got it for sis she goes shooting whith me
about once a week. i did'nt know that they don't lock .
recoil is alot sharper than a makarov . she did'nt like
shooting it at all . the 45 is big like holding a brick . the
plastic grips are real slipery needes some soft stuf in
then . the triger is very good about 4 to 500$ good .
recoil is realy different than a 1911 not nearly as sharp
as i thought it would be . my wife even likes stooting it .
i think the 380 model would be the perfect tackel box
boat gun .