View Full Version : MEC customer service #1

03-30-2006, 05:09 AM
I have had a small problem with the .410 set up on my MEC 600jr I've had this press since adam was wearing short pants ! I rang round every Dealer I could think of here in Aus but the result was always the same ! No Mate can't help you! So I sent a E-mail of to MEC & within minuites I had a reply on several dealers that I'd never heard of here in AUZ & the part is now on it's way ! Now I know that most people are probarly used to this kind of service, but to me? It made a pleasent differance to when I normally deal with Global companines where all to oftern I'm speaking to someone who (a) dosen't know what I'm talking about (B) is not interested as I'm not ordering a thousand items (C) is just there as a emplyee & dosen't really care !

No MEC get my vote on this one I'm very impressed


I appologise for this post if it has turned up multiple times as my Pc went berserk whilst posting & then I lost the link for a time