View Full Version : Bless me fellow shooters for I have sinned

03-28-2006, 02:09 PM
Its Tuesday night over here ! The kids wanted to go Spotlighting tonight ! After a week of work I was in no mood for shooting & seeing it's a schoolnight I did'nt want them having a late night so I said right ! No rifles just a quick spin round the home paddock (about 20 acres )! I stood in the Hole in the roof of the Lads shooting car & held the spotLight. within minuites of leaving the house I spotted a Fox, so not having my button whistle. I justheld 2 fingers to my lips & made the rabbit squealing call to see if I could still bring in a Fox ! Yeah it worked ! Not 1 but a total of 3came running [smilie=b: Of course I had nothing but abuse to fire at them ! A quick trip back to the house for a rifle& whistle & they had moved on to greener pastures !!!!:cry: To top it off the son commented ..........You should have brought the rifle dad ! (heaven help that kid if a White slave Trader wanders by in the next week or so )


03-28-2006, 05:16 PM
Yep how does them critters know??????????????? I know them them tree rats here know the differnce between rimfire and centerfire rifles

03-28-2006, 05:53 PM
Critters seem to have a sixth sense about what you're carrying (or not carrying). I hit a hunting dry spell some years back. If I went out looking for partridge with the shotgun, I would jump deer. When I carried the rifle for deer, I'd flush lots of partridge. So, I had myself a brainstorm. I bought a Savage 24V with a .30-30 over 20ga and figured no matter what I ran into, I'd bring something home. I have never seen game of any kind while carrying it during hunting season. Not even once. Zip, zilch, nada, nothing, doodly squat. Now it is used on the farm for varmint and predator control and does a great job for that at all hours of the day or night, but I figure it has been cursed by the hunting gods. Ironically, it has the most accurate .30 cal barrel on it I have ever owned, including a match rifle or two. The only rifle I own that can outdo it is my .22-250, but I still won't hunt with it again....

03-28-2006, 10:26 PM
One of the Properties I shoot. Has a major Fox problem & always has I once noticed every time I stopped to gut Roos I would have up to 20 Foxes sitting waiting for me to leave to get the Offal! Greed took over & I decided that one night I would shot Roos & the next I would gear up for Foxes (Double income) Of course the Laws of average would take over Go out for ROO's Plenty of Foxes ,go out for Foxes plenty of Roos [smilie=b: Yes I tried carring two rifles & doing both at the same time but I lost that much shooting time I was lucky to break even at the end of the night!The learning curve was if ya going to shoot Roos! Shoot Roos ! Same with Foxes or what ever.
(Mind you back in the Days when Roos were classed as Pet food only the number of Goats that went into the Chiller as ROO was amazing :mrgreen: )


03-29-2006, 01:27 AM
Was out hunting Grouse with my son several years ago. He had a Stevens Crack shot 22 RF, and I my 12 gauge. We walked right up on a black Bear with it's head in a stump not 30 yards off. I didn't figure I wanted to try that Bear with 1oz of 7 1/2's or a 22. I started packing a couple of slugs with me Grouse hunting, but didn't see another Bear that year. The next year in about the same spot, He and I ran across another Bear (same one?) only this time it was across a draw about 150 yd off, way out of range for my slugs. I went and bought a savage 24 in 30-30/20 gauge, and never saw another bear out grouse hunting. YUP I think critters know.