View Full Version : PET FOOD CAPPERS (or why I don't use cheap .22lr for work )

03-13-2006, 12:36 PM
In a normal Functional house Hold when there is no Cat/Dog food You just jump into the car & go to the Supermarket & Buy some right????? (come on fellas back me up here :-| ) Not in our house ! NO every so oftern a voice echos from the depths of the freezer .......THERE"S NO DOG MEAT LEFT!!!!! Which then brings the blood churdeling scream of DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVE!!! There's not meat for the cat & dog .Go out & get a Roo will ya love ?
Yeah right ! Go & get a Roo & not get paid for the hassel ! OK .WE Have EVIN (12yrs) driving , Nichole (!5yrs ) holding the spot light , Dimity (10yrs ) in the back seat calling targets & fall of shot & directions .......& of course dear Old DAD (who is thinking I can do this by myself ) in the front seat hanging on for dear life ! Well Saturday it happened ! No meat ! Off we go to get said pet food ! First up I can't find any .22lr ammo (Hey if I'm not being paid for it ! I'm not wasting a .223 or a 25 -303 round !) Panic ! I find said .22 ammo that I had put away (strange but I must of had my reasons ) WE encounter the first ROO in the first couple of miniutes . 2shots into the head & it recovers & gets through a Fence & into the scrub (Bugger!) 2nd roo same thing but this one is even closer !!!!! (Not happy! The kids are starting to realise I use profanities with the same skill a painter uses Oils ) The third Roo is a half grown Doe that I would'nt worry about if I was at work ! But I take the shot at about 50yrds & it goes down as if hit with a sledge hammer !
I'm scratching my head trying to figure out why this is so ? So as I eject the spent shell I find that it was a winchester (the Box was PMX ) I ask EV if he knows anything about this pkt of .22's & he replys .......Yeah Dad that was that stuff that you tried to use a couple of months ago & it was crap & I think you threw in a couple of odd shells with it ! I point out to him that if he knew this to be the case why didn't he tell me ? Shrug of the Shoulders followed with ......Hey your the Pro around here ! I'm only the learner !!!!!!
The doctor tells us that he'll be eating his food through a straw for at least 6 weeks:twisted: There are times I really hate taking these kids out :mrgreen:


03-13-2006, 09:01 PM
Geezes, here in Canada we can only talk them to death... (the roos too but they are so few...) ... and I live in the "Frontier" province (BC)... :-?