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04-18-2013, 12:00 AM
Anyone out there have any info for loading the Lyman 325gr in a 45Colt? Is it feasable or not? I have both a Ruger 3-screw and a new model Black Hawk in 45Colt. Just want a good hog load.


Paul B
04-19-2013, 03:52 PM
Try here. http://www.customsixguns.com/ You can find pressure tested loads on this site.
If my experience is any example though, that bullet will shoot quite high. I have a 300 gr. bullet for my .44 magnum and depending on barrel length shoots anywhere from 6 to 8" high at 25 yards. A 300 gr. bullet I have in 45 caliber also shoot 6" high in my
5.5" Ruger Bisley. This is with the rear sight adjusted as low as it will go. The only fix it a higher front sight. Personally, I would just pick a good 250/255 gr. cast bullet in the Elmer Keith style and never look back. I use the RCBS #45-255 SWC for hogs, Black Bear and Mountain Lions and never look back.
Without putting on a new front sight, trying to figure out where to hold on an angry hog that's decided to have a piece of you could be a bit disturbing. I have killed a Black Bear with a hot loaded .38 Spl. and a 250 pound hog that wanted me for lunch with a .357 Mag. so I figure a 255 gr. .45 slug put in the right place will do the job.
Anyway, check out Linebaugh's site for your load data.
Paul B.