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02-17-2006, 01:22 AM
Yesterday i recived a Phone call from a chap I have'nt seen for some time .He had just purchased a new Baikal U/O shot gun and was wondering if I might be able to have a look at it & test fire it with him & give my opinion ? Now I asked .....Why me???? The answer was I'm the only pro he knows & there fore I must be a authority on fire arms ! I pointed out that I (a) am not a Gun reviewer & (b) What I know about shot guns could be counted on the fingers could be counted on the fingers on one hand with all the fingers amputated ! So basicly Bugger off& leave me out of this ! He then said the thing that convinced me ! He would not only supply the ammo but pay me for my valueble time !!!!! (people like this only come along once in a life time ) He turned up with 4 shot ,BB's, OO buck & slugs !
Well I must admit I had'nt seen a baikal for years & for the price $850.00 Auz it put the gun in the budget range of shotguns! But the fit was tight & it seemed to be a well balanced & honest type of gun ! I got some 6's out & we broke some clays & I must admit I was impressed with the guns preformance ! Fired several slugs through it remembering there are no sights ,so I kept it down to about 50yrds & was able to keep them within 4inches (do'nt know if that's good or bad ) & the new owner who is something of a novice was able to bag a flying crow at about 40yrds with a load of 4's I belive that they are sold under the name of Spartin on your side of the Pond . Any feed back about them would be a help (I really feel I should earn my money on this one )


02-17-2006, 08:02 PM
Hi dok

4 inches at 50 yards is good for me and smoothbores with only front sight ... did you shoot both barrels in the group?

That's not the single barrel Baikal I remember, with external hammer, 1/4 inch thick barrel you can install sights on any witch way ;) ...Looked like a cool elephant gun.
these guns used to be priced like 850 kopeks in Europe ... U$69 in '96...

Bullshop Junior
02-18-2006, 03:53 AM
I have one, that I may sell. Do you know if I can ship a firearm from the USA to you? $400.00 plus shipping.

02-18-2006, 06:40 AM
Yeah I used both barrels of a rest . it's no double rifle that's for sure but the Bloke who brought it seemed happy with the results !

Dan I've got a Dirty Old sxs Bently made in spain that does me for any shotgunning I need to do, but thanks for the offer.


02-18-2006, 07:10 AM
Andy my gun guy handed me one the other day, it was a pretty good gun. The wood was real good. Think he wanted around 350 for it. I've swapped all my shot guns off, was thinking about having Andy order me one of those $100 chinese pumps from century, they come with 4 choke tubes. Yep it's almost spring turkey time!!!!!