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Bullshop Junior
02-12-2006, 05:28 AM
The old herters swadging outfit. I made a bunch of bullets the other day out of my lee 6 cavity 357 150gn swc, plain base. I was getting used to a new gizmo on my pot, that dad put on there to stop drips. some of the bullets, only got half filled out, so only the nose of the cavity was filled out. And some of them were badly rinkled from the mould being too cold when I started. The ones that were good I miked at.....what!!! .357"!! That is to small for my marlin 336. So what do I do now? I KNOW!!!! Dad did you sell that old herters swadger yet? Good, Will you put the 35 cal die in it, and the hollow point top punch please. Ok. Now I size the ww bullets to .355", and then use the swadger to squash them back up to the right size for the 35 Remington. I decided that I had enough hollow points, so I put in the round nose, and did not screw it in all of the way, so that the tip of the bullet did not get reswadged, and now I have a nice new bullet. There is more then one benifit to a swadger. For one, when you swadge them it makes the base smoother, so that the bullet with shoot better. Fot two if you have air bubble in the bullet, the compression from the press will squash it out, and for three, there is more then one thing that you can with a bullet. You can have one mould for the caliber that you cast for, you can use the swadger to reform the noses on it to a design that you like better, Like i did, and you can make them bigger if it is too small. And with how heavy duty that old herters press is, I do not think that I will ever break.

02-13-2006, 02:57 AM
Good thinking there Dan ! Swaging Bullets has never taken off over here for some unknown reason . So I've never had a chance to try it for myself . It seems to be as you point out ,a way of ajusting bullet type / size with out haveing to change moulds
Great idea :-D


04-13-2006, 03:12 AM
Say! I use a couple of Herter's old presses myself for swaging. The Super-O- Maximum is my best, and a No.3 that has had its linkage shortend a 1/2 inch so it will stroke at a lower setting.

There is indeed a lot you can do with reforming cast bullets, I really love experimenting with it.