View Full Version : I did it, Swapped for the Kel-tec P 11 9mm

02-11-2006, 03:59 AM
Swapped the sks i just got with the rough bore and the m44 with the cracked wrist.

I just had to do it, i did'nt have a pocket pistol. It looked really good, Andy stripped it and i got to look inside it and it had no major wear. The trigger pull is pretty smooth but very long. Fired 25 rounds with no jams recoil was't that bad, not near as sharp as the C9 high-point. Was a lot more accurate than i thought it would be. At ten yards i was shooting at a tree around 11" across and never missed, had a fairly tight group 3-4" low and to the right

02-11-2006, 05:44 AM
As long as it will feed hp's without coughing, why not? :) 9mm's are just about as cheap to buy factory as they are to buy components, so run three or four boxes through it and work any bugs out of it. At "social" ranges it will end an argument (unless there are a lot of ingested drugs involved, then even a .50 S&W might be questionable). I carry a .38spec, just drawing it took care of the last problem I encountered. Good thing, too, I hate filling out forms. :mrgreen: None of us ever wants to have to use them, but to need one and not have it? Not acceptable. I like revolvers and have been carrying them for more than 30 years. Sometimes I will put my Glock on, but usually my S&W in a PagerPal goes everywhere with me except Massachusetts (where it's most needed). The best one to have is the one that you actually WILL carry. The big ones end up getting left home because it's uncomfortable or not convenient to carry them for one reason or another. This one is comfortable on the hottest days under a pair of shorts and a tshirt, and its only disadvantage is that it is not easily drawn while seat belted in a car, (though I do have a shoulder rig for it that's fine in colder weather as long as I don't remove my coat - it works well for running errands, etc.). I think a PagerPal would be perfect for a Kel-tec. The fake (but very realistic looking) pager on it can be replaced with a real one if you like, too.