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06-14-2012, 02:07 PM
Has this unique, from my perspective, design been used in any other calibers? I can find nothing on it, not even the designers name.

Paul B
06-14-2012, 04:22 PM
All I can find is what ws said in the first edition Lyman cast bullet loading manual, which in many ways is the best one if the bunch. In that manual, they say, "Wadcutter bullet designed for the .32 S&W Long."
The neat thing about the first edition manual is the many comments from users of the vrious bullets. There's one comment on the bullet you have,
"I find this bullet good for target at 50 ft. witn my 32-20 S&W with 3 grains of Bullseye. I size to .313" Guy J. Blakely, Grantsbrg, Wisconsin."
Back then, one could design a cast bullet, sent the drawings in and Lyman would cut a cherry and make you your mold. That was back in the day when the customer was considered always right unlike today.
I notice they called it a wadcutter bullet while I think that today it would be considered a semi-wadcutter but no matter. Odds are you'll never find another as quite a few years back Lyman not only dropped a large amount of the molds they used to make from the line but destroyed the cherries used to make the molds. One bullet that come into demand, the Lyman #3589 now called #358009 to make their computer happer was dropped and although there is a big demand by people shooting the .35 Whelen, Lyman's attiude has been, "Go to hell!" Used #3589's sell for over $100 when you can find one. I got lucky on mine when I spotted a bunch of molds stuck in a corner of a gunshops used merchandise. I asked what he wanted for the molds and he said take the whole pile for $50. I got 8 molds of which I could use 5 and sold the rest at a profit so my #3589 was a freebie.
That is an interesting mold you have but take care of it because it's most likely on the discontinued pile.
Paul B.

06-14-2012, 05:19 PM
How heavy is it with what alloy? Looks like it would be interesting in the .30carb.

06-14-2012, 06:38 PM
I'm casting with 50/50 WW/PB and adding a couple % tin, sized .313 and loobed gives me a consistent 98 grains. I'm opening with 32 Long, I'll try 32 Magnum and 32-20. I like heavier bullets in 32-20, as a rule, so we'll wait and see.

Paul B
06-15-2012, 02:48 PM
Versifier. According to the Lyman #2 cast bullet manual, the nominal weight is 95 gr. Dunno how it would feed in the carbine but it sure would be a doozy in the Ruger Blackhawk .30 Carbine. That's my "Poor Man's 32-20". I like #3118 with a hollow point but it's a hard bullet to get good properly filled out HP's from that mold. Good ones will turn a jackrabbit inside out.
Paul B.

06-15-2012, 08:19 PM
My preferred .30carb is a 10" Contender. My favorite handgun barrel for it. And I have an M1Carbine, too, but the Contender's a lot easier to clean. :mrgreen:

MOA with Lee 113gr Soupcans, with or with out GC's, around 121gr lubed and with GC 1/4WW's/Pure sized .310, under 2" 5shots 100yds. (This bullet also does under 4" in the M1Carbine, as good or better than it will with anything jacketed.)

I think that one is too light to work well in the M1Carbine's functional envelope, but people shoot lighter and much heavier bullets in them successfully, if not accurately. Worth an experiment though.

Looks like it would be a wicked good small game bullet. I have tried similar weight (90-92gr) in my 1:10 Contender barrel but they will not group. I have no idea how they will shoot in the Ruger Blackhawk as I don't know what twist the barrels were but would be curious about the results. It seems to be a scaled down 140gr .38cal SWC, ought to do well in a revolver that likes it. I have not yet had the chance to play with the .32 family in revolvers, but I'd like to some day.

Paul, try the Forsters HP tool or make one of your own easily. Then you can use any bullet and turn it into an instant HP when you need hunting ammo.