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Jammer Six
01-10-2012, 06:10 AM
Has anyone bought or used a Ransom Rest?

I'm seriously considering buying one, and I'm curious about their use.

Are they large? Heavy? Hard to set up? Hard to use?

What benefit did you get from using one?

01-28-2012, 03:05 PM
Yes, I own and use one. Mine is mounted on a piece of 5/8" plywood, very steady.(that
is the inportant part). When I go to the range I take 'c' clamps to clamp it tothe
range bench . Keeping it steady is IMPORTANT!!! The inserts are caliber
moulded and are very strong. When ever I use the Rest, I make sure I take the
correct insert as I have a few. Use?? Working up a new load; sighting in a scoped
handgun or a new gun to test factory sites. I do not have the windage unit. I tack
a piece of paper table covering to the target frame, using the elevation knob, I
shoot 6 rnds. near the top of it. Then lower the unit & shot 6 more, then lower
some more, 'till I have no more room. I loosen the 'c' clamps, move the unit a
little to one side of the target paper & shoot some more. Back home to my man
cave, I hang the entire unit to the wall, using shelf hooks.
I f you know other local shooters, perhaps they could assist you, (taking theirs
to the range with you). Hope this information helps you. thebigmac from
Cast Boolits Have a great day.....

02-07-2012, 08:28 PM
I have a Ransome Rest with the windage base, with 7 grip inserts. I have mine mounted on an oak plank, and use C clamps to mount to the concrete shooting table at the range. There is a knack to shooting center fire auto's in this rest to get best grouping. I bought a new Clark Longslide 45 ACP, many years ago, and could not get it to shoot well from the rest. I called Clark and talked to one of their people, and was told their technique of using the rest, and using that info, immediately improved my groups. Revolvers are not so fussy. Any old way seems to work. One thing to keep in mind is, that if you have an auto with a loose fitting slide, it won't always go into battery the same spot each time, so your muzzle may be pointed in a different spot each shot. As the rest just holds the frame, and it is not practical to realign the sights for each shot, you are S.O.L. You can get better groups from a sandbag in these cases. The Ransome Rest is a neat toy, but under some circumstances it does require a level of operator skill to get consistent results. These skills can be learned.