View Full Version : mauser triggers

01-11-2006, 10:17 PM
fixed my over pull by using a nail. found a nail with a head that fit in the sear spring hole and then placed the spring over the nail then adjusted over pull using a file the shortening the nail

Got rid of the creap by shimming that little foot on the trigger that rests on the sear. Used a buzz bait blade to make the first shim it was pretty thick and cut easy with sissors. formed it into a channel that slipped over the sear and fit under the trigger foot then i used the little foil packets that my test strips come in to shim under the alum channel. to hold the channel on i used a little tie aroud the end of the sear besides the spring had notched the channel to fit around the spring, the trigger holdes the other end

it works did'nt alter the rifle any