View Full Version : Dove hunting

09-02-2010, 07:02 PM
Connie said some thing about yesterday being the first, just figured it out a little bit ago[smilie=b:

I'm getting the shotgun ready and i'm going!!!


09-03-2010, 12:45 AM
Got rained out.

Got my buddy stand i'd left there since last year. It had got to wet to drive the truck in at the end of last years season. Get to hunt they're other place this year!!! I've got to turkey hunt there but never for deer. Out scouting for turkey this spring we got to watch 3 big groups of deer untill we got tied and left, the turkeys were at our truck had to wait till they went into the woods to leave.

09-03-2010, 05:14 AM
iv'e seen 3 doves in two days.
unless you count the ones sitting on the power lines in town.
then iv'e seen 11, there were 8 all together right by the dog pound.
they need to start the hunt sooner for us northern guy's.

09-03-2010, 12:50 PM
Yea they have been pretty thin here for the last few years.
We jumped up some on the way to get the stand but they were not flying

Had fun, took the grandson. I shot a sparrow and the boy was as tickled as if we'd shot a deer. He'll soon be 4 years old.