View Full Version : .690 round ball load?

05-24-2010, 11:23 PM
has anyone tryed loading .690 round balls in a shotshell using longshot powder?

06-20-2010, 05:10 AM
I cast the .690 RB for my 12 gauge, but use Universal powder mostly. I cast mine out of WWs and shoot them thru a 870 slug barrel.

I have no experience with your RB and powder combination

Here is all of the data that I have collected from others on .690 loading:

Shotshell Load for .690 Pure Lead Round Ball

WAA Hull 2 3/4
W209 Primer
26.5 Grains of Herco OR 25.5 Grains of Unique
WAA12 or WT12 Wad
Ball Pure Lead 493 grain, WW 481 grains

Last batch choreographed @ 1,323 FPS avg.

I've loaded several different .690" Ball loads, along with some .690" Ball + 00 Buck. The above load is fairly accurate, mild recoil (even in light, single-shot guns) and has enough “whack” to do serious damage at the receiving end.

Cylinder Bore through Modified chokes.

Another Load
I have loads for .690 round ball in the following hulls, all 2 3/4":
Federal Plastic Hunting (the "High Power" hull)
Remington Unibody
Win. AA

Whatever you have laying arround
Most of them look to use SR4756.
One of the Fed. loads uses Unique, but .662" ball and un-modified wads.

Win AA
Both loads use SR4756, Win AA12 (white target) wad, petals cut off.
2ea, 12-gauge Butler .125" card wads
.690" pure lead round ball

37.0 gr powder, roll crimp, 10,400psi, 1534 fps.
32.5 gr powder, FOLD crimp, 10,100psi, 1428 fps.

Hope this give you some where to start or maybe a load that will work for you.