View Full Version : Custom M1A

04-29-2005, 05:40 AM
Purchased an M1A just to fool around with,it was what Springfield calles a Loaded M1A, match trigger group, SS barrel(1/11 twist) but an rack action this shoot real well.
So i called a friend to see what he could do with it, i had a Mapel surplus stock for it,had a rear lug installed and piller and glass bedded and what a differance it made when he was test fireing it three men at his gun clib wanted to know if it was for sale before this work would shoot 1 in groups, now half that or a little bigger (.625) I am real happy.

04-29-2005, 02:38 PM
So...was that .625 with factory ammo or the homemade stuff?

What sort of work up did you do for this rifle, before or after the gunsmith voodoo?

What do you think your basic load is going to be?

Are you going to use this gun for match shooting?

If so, what kind of events do you think you’ll shoot?

Are you military trained?

Is this your first M1?

Seven questions and didn't even break a sweat!

By the way, congratulations to go on the new rifle, it sounds like a great project.