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12-10-2009, 02:56 AM
This is 2 of my favorite builds that were made from parts and a lot of hand fitting. I have quite a few of 1911's including a 6" 45 Super that has a gas ported slide and barrel. All are bullseye shooters. The compact 45 is what I carry for self defense.

Tommy Kelly
12-19-2009, 01:57 PM
nice looking pistols. are those sid ryan grips. I have 2 kimber classics a custom and a custom II. I have never built a 1911 but have often thought about it. I really enjoy shooting my kimbers and love the feel of a 1911. Building a 1911 would be like having another woman there are so many accessories out there it would be hard to figure out what all to put on it. And some of the stuff it would be cheaper to have another woman. My kimbers are bone stock and outshoot my abilitys with no change from the factory mine have been 100% reliable and I have used quite a few different loads and bullet styles without the first hitch. I don't think I could build a better one myself for my purpose. I only gave around $700.00 each for them nib. The only thing I might want would be a smaller compact one for a carry gun and they make them also. But I already have several other smaller carry style pistols and cant justify spending the money for another 1911.

01-16-2010, 03:47 PM
Nothing wrong with a Kimber but they been having some quality control issues off and on lately. All my 1911's are built to handle a steady diet of hot 45 +P loads. +P is all I shoot and load for. Try a steady diet of +P's in a stock 1911 with out modifying the stock 1911 and see what happens. I don't do any 1911 tune ups or builds anymore, got some arthritis in my hands now. But I can still reload and shoot.

12-05-2010, 05:45 AM
Very nice, love too build one but do not have the know how.

10-09-2011, 06:27 PM
VERY nice work - a good lookin' piece !

Paul B
10-11-2011, 03:19 PM
Nice looking guns.
Paul B.