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03-20-2009, 02:18 PM
Tale of the C. Sharps

In about 1994 I ordered a C. Sharps pattern Sharps Model 1874 from C. Sharps in Montana. I ordered the gun in 50 X 140 Caliber because bigger is better . When I ordered the gun I ordered it with the 34 heavy barrel and I ordered the full length 4 power scope. I also ordered Eladorado (?) casings I have since ordered some Bell brass. I also ordered some 640 gr and 550 gr bullets. I decided to use black powder substitutes because of the mess involved in cleaning regular black powder. I have trimmed the brass to 3.25 inches. Some of the brass had a case head that was to thick so it had to be thinned to chamber correctly. I Loaded with the 640 bullets using 120 gr. Of American Pioneer powder. I found that at 50 yards the bullets were tumbling and hitting sideways. I Called C. Sharps and was told to switch to the 550 gr. Bullet. They sent me some 550 gr gas checked bullets which were better. I have been trying Buffalo bullets in 530 flat based bullets. They mick out at .512. I e-mailed C. Sharps and they assured me that the barrel is .512 and that I should set the bullet 1/16 inch from the rifling. I have loaded a number of cart. Using 100 gr of American Pioneer powder. I use an over powder card wad and felt wads to fill the casing. I have in the past tried Triple Seven powder and the results were all over the paper. I read about using smokeless powder and contacted Accurate Arms to get loads for there Accurate 5477 powder. I loaded several boxes with varying loads from the loads provided. The results were unimpressive. I did not use wads in the smokeless loads as per Accurate Arms. I am now at a loss as to were to next. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Emmett Favreau

03-20-2009, 08:34 PM
Hi Emmet

Mike Venturino posts next door at http://castboolits.gunloads.com/ , he should be able to help you.
Simply copy and paste your post over there after registering.

Good luck

Black Vic
01-16-2011, 07:58 PM
Howdy. I to own a C. Sharps 50/140. Mine is an 1875 with a 34" heavy #1 barrel. Mine has a .510 groove dia. with a 1 in 24" twist. I to had the same problems trying to get it to shoot with short little bullets. Check the twist rate. Using the Greenhill formular, I found that with the relitively fast 1 in 24" twist, I needed a bullet that was at least 1.625" to 1.75" long in 50 caliber in order for it to stabilized and shoot accurately. I designed a bore riding semi spitzer 1.625" long and Fred Cornell made the nose pour mold for me. This bullet weighs in at 765 grains in a 1/20 mix to 795 grains depending on the mix. It has 4 large grease grooves and I seat it .875" into the case. I get 110 grains of FG powder with 1 milk carton and 1 plain card wad. I use a Federal magnum primer. This leaves the bore riding section seated in the bore. Velocity is approximately 1300 - 1350 fps. On a good day if I'm not flinching too bad, I can manage 1.5" 5 shot groups. This is a good load out to 1000 yards. The only drawback is the recoil. Lots, is all I can say!

01-22-2011, 04:21 AM
Likewise have a C. Sharps 50-140 model 1875 - 34 in bbl. Purchased mine from them in 2005 I believe. Have shot nothing but paper patch in mine. It is 1-26 twist but I could be wrong----

The lightest I have shot is 450 grain and the heaviest is about 620 grain -- all very accurate, with the easiest to get tight groups with being the heavier bullets. Have used a lot of true BP - Goex. Also found Accurate 3100 works very well -- got their data from them. Upon request in an email they gave me data for the heavier bullets. Actually with the 3100 powder it's a very powerful hunting weapon, roughly 10% more muzzle energy than a 458WM.

Even the 450 grain are capable of about 3 inch groups at 200 yards with 3100 powder.

Make sure you don't leave space in the BP loads and if you use the 3100 work carefully up -- If you can't find their data I'll see if I can find the web site listing. They changed it lately when I last looked----good hunting and shooting....Bob.

firefly 1957
01-24-2011, 03:05 AM
I got my Sharps Shilo in 1985 I ordered it throated for Paper patch the rifling is 1-36" .
I loaded FG powder though a 36" drop tube and have put up to 150grs. under the bullet with paper patch I loaded a cardboard wad over powder then a .2" grease cookie then patched bullet The only load gave me trouble was with 700gr bullet while 100yd group was 3 inches bullets were key holing. THAT MOLD is a Lyman adjustable It will throw a bullet from about 440-712 grs.
For hunting I use a 50-70 bullet of about 450grs. this bullet shoots good with either black powder or smokeless I use SR-4759 out of Lyman book and get 1725f/s.
Emmet if you are still out there how did those Bullets I sent you work out My server dumped my emails and I lost your email address?

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