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01-07-2009, 05:01 AM
Just got a TC encore prohunter stainless fluted 15" barrel in 243 cal.
Plan on reloading 100gn Sierra spitzer boattails using winchester brass and federal 210 large rifle primers. Purchased IMR3031 powder on the advice of a gentlman on another forum, but have been unable to find any listings for "how much powder" to use... One gentleman said 32gn to 35.5, but until I can find it in writing, I'm reluctant to load....

Any reloaded references would be greatly appreciated.

Happy New Year

01-07-2009, 05:55 PM
First, I got out my Sierra manual to compare their rifle and SS pistol data for the .243 and 100gr SBT's. It was interesting to note that they do not list 3031 for pistols. In fact, there are no powders listed under both. (H4895 is listed under pistols, but IMR4895 is under rifles, very strange.) There were only two powders listed in the pistol section. From that I infer that they were having some trouble finding an accurate load with the standard rifle powders in their test pistol. From my own experiences with rifle cartridges in short barrels, I know that in general, better results are often had with faster powders. 3031 is the first and fastest powder out of the 17 listed for the .243, followed by H335, IMR4895, Varget, and IMR4064. The pressure limits are the same no matter what you shoot it out of, so the rifle data is perfectly safe to use. Here it is:
.243 100gr SBT OAL 2.650"
Vel(rifle) Powder
.............3031.....H335.....4895.....Varget.... .4064
2500.....29.6......28.6......31.6......31.2....... ..30.7
2600.....31.0......31.1......32.8......32.7....... ..32.1

Tom W.
03-17-2009, 09:42 AM
I just traded my .22-250 pistol barrel for a .454

I don't really realize what I'm getting into, but I suppose i can shoot pb bullets without too much (if any) leading. That's my hope, anyway. I'll be lubing with Lars Carnauba Red.

03-17-2009, 05:15 PM
You might, if you keep the charges light. Think 44spec, and .44mag starting loads, then go up slowly until you start to see stripping. Harder alloy might help, too, but only if they are sized .002-.003" over groove diameter, which you would need to be doing anyway. If you try to shoot them undersized and too hard you'll have lead fouling from breech to muzzle. At least you won't have to deal with all those revolver issues, and slugging is so much easier, too. Remember that even though it's a single shot, it still needs a good firm crimp for positive and consistant ignition.

Tom W.
03-22-2009, 09:25 PM
I took it out yesterday and fired several rounds of different CB 45 Colt loads, ranging from 8.5 grains of Green dot to some almost max loads of H 4227, with a few heavy loads of Bullseye for good measure. I was shooting @ 25 yards, and as it was just for fun, I didn't want to adjust the sights. The windage was perfect, the vertical was about 8" high. I had some Dirty Bird targets w/ 9 bulls printed on it, aimed for the bottom of the bottom target and was punching the bulls out of the top targers. I was very happy with the grouping. I hope that I can do as well @ 50 yards with my .454 brass when it gets here..
I don't have anything like moose or grizz to shoot down here, but I suppose it should work well for deer and hogs, should the hogs move onto our lease...

03-23-2009, 01:28 AM
Bought me two barrels that were on sale yesterday both SS fluted 15" Encores. Now I have to wit for the action to come in and the snow to melt so I can go to the range with them
223 and 7mm-08 don't know why I wanted these calibers but I always have.


Tom W.
03-30-2009, 10:02 AM
My Birthday is coming up, so "the Keeper of the Checkbook" allowed me to order a new set of dies, a bullet mold and gas checks... I traded with my son for some Starline brass, and gave him some .480 loaded rounds in exchange, so I should be set up to start casting and loading for this monster shortly...

Tom W.
04-13-2009, 03:40 AM
And now I have some 300 grain cast bullets loaded up with what seems like ungodly huge charges of Lil' Gun...Makes me glad that I didn't get a .460.... Maybe next weekend I'll get to fire them.

Tom W.
06-01-2009, 01:24 AM
My .454 Encore pistol......

Well, I got to get out to the range today, with no obligations, work or rain. I only fired it for ten rounds, just to see what it was like. The recoil is , well, it gets your attention, especially with those large charges of Lil Gun. I think it will compare to the 30-06 pistol barrel that I had. It did work the front sight loose, but I'm going to mount a scope on it anyway, and I was just "plinking" with it today. I don't believe I'll be doing a lot of plinking with it, but [smilie=w: it was something....

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Part 2-11 In The Section On Medical Electrical Equipment Essential Requirements For The Safety And Performance Of Equipment For Gamma Radiation Therapy En 60601-2-11:2015
Sometimes, medical equipment is employed for treatment, but at the same time it can cause some harmful effects following. In this case, the use of the equipment is obligatory for decreasing the risk of negative outcomes. EN 60601-2-11.2015 describes this scenario. This document covers the fundamental safety and performance of gamma beam therapy equipment, including multi-source stereotactic radiotherapy equipment. This particular standard from the 60601 series establishes the requirements that must be adhered to by manufacturers in the development and construction of gamma beam therapy equipment. To avoid dangerous conditions, the standard specifies tolerance limitations for interlocks that need to be utilized to stop interruption or termination of radiation. Specifications are provided for both manufacturer-specific type tests. You can access our standard test if your company is linked to Gamma beam treatment equipment by clicking the link. See the best cen catalog standards pren-12729 (https://standards.iteh.ai/catalog/standards/cen/6fcbbb6c-f884-49bd-b3ef-781f7f1ba700/pren-12729) info.

Innovation Management - Fundamentals And Vocabulary. (Iso 56000.2020). EN ISO 56000:2021
Explanatory papers are sometimes required in technical standards. These documents, for instance, describe the issue of information security. EN ISO 56000: 2021 is a great example. This document provides the definitions as well as the fundamental concepts and principles of innovation and its methodical application. It can be used to:a) Organizations that implement an innovation management plan or conduct assessment of their innovation management.B) companies that must increase their capability to effectively manage innovation activities;C. Customers or users, as well as other pertinent parties (e.g. suppliers, partners, funders university, investors, and public authorities) looking to have confidence in the capabilities of innovation of the organization;d. organisations and interested parties who want to enhance communication by establishing a common understanding for the terms used in innovation administration;e. providers of training in or assessment of innovation management, and consultancy for it;F) Innovation management developers and related standards1.2 This document is suitable for all kinds of organizations regardless of their size or maturity, sector, type.b) any type of innovation, e.g. product, service, process or method that range from small to radical.c. Any kind of approach including. open and internal innovation, market-based, usertechnology-, and design-driven innovations.This document provides all relevant terms and definitions that are part of the ISO/TC 279 standard for innovation management.There are many clarifying elements in this document. We recommend to carefully read them and evaluate them against the technology foundations of your business to ensure that this document will be able to allow you to promote your business to the highest standard. Check out the top rated cen catalog standards en-12973-2020 (https://standards.iteh.ai/catalog/standards/cen/01e6382d-6a38-4845-97a8-66810c96afbc/en-12973-2020) review.

Characterization Of Bulk Materials - Determination Of A Size-Weighted Fine Fraction And Crystallized Silica Content - Part 2: Calculation Method EN 17289-2:2020
One component of the same standard can be used to complement another or even regulate completely different sectors. The second component of the standard before it is EN 17289-2: 2020.This document explains how to calculate the size-weighted fine portion (SWFF) and the size-weighted small portion of crystalline silicona (SWFFCS). The document also defines the preconditions and assumptions that must be fulfilled for this method to be valid.This document offers details to assist users in assessing bulk materials in relation to their size-weighted fine and crystalline sizes.A specific method for the evaluation of the SWFF for bulk diatomaceous earth materials is provided in Annex A. An Annex A provides specific guidelines for evaluating SWFF of diatomaceous Earth bulk materials. This is due to the internal porosity.This document can be used to describe crystallized silicona that contains bulk materials which have been thoroughly examined and validated in order to assess the size-weighted, fine fraction as well as crystalsilica.It is important to compare the technical requirements of production standards as well as the requirements of the individual standards to gain a better understanding of the necessity to use these standards. If you have any concerns about the process of implementing this phase, you can always consult a team of specialists in the industry of international standards. See the best iec catalog standards iec-61800-7-304-2015 (https://standards.iteh.ai/catalog/standards/iec/f3178185-cde7-4c28-bf63-e74546a6b977/iec-61800-7-304-2015) site.

Software Engineering And Systems Software Product Quality Requirements Evaluation (Square). Common Industry Format (Cif). Usability Specification For User Requirements. (Iso 25065, 2019,). EN ISO 25065:2020
The most important advantage a business has in a market that is competitive is its software quality. These markets have specific rules that must be observed currently. These standards are contained in documents like EN ISO 25065 2020.This document provides a standard structure and language for defining user needs. It defines the industry standard format (CIF) that is used to specify user requirements. This includes the content elements as well as the way to express those requirements.A user requirements specification outlines the formal documentation and requirements of an item. It can be utilized to aid in the design, evaluation, and maintenance of usable interactive software.In this document, the term "user" requirements refers to: a) user-system interaction requirements to achieving intended outcomes (including specifications for system outputs and their characteristics) as well as) use-related quality requirements that specify the quality criteria associated with the outcomes of users ' interactions with the system via interactive interface and can be used as a basis for determining the acceptance of the system.ISO/IEC 25030 introduces quality requirements. One type of quality requirement is the use-related quality requirements. The content elements of the User Requirements Specification should be used as part documentation that result from ISO 9241-210-related activities or human-centered design processes, such ISO 9241-220.This document is intended for requirements engineers as well as product managers, owner, and business analysts who are accountable for the acquisition of systems from third parties. CIF standards cover usability-related data in accordance with ISO 9241-11 and ISO/IEC TR 25060.Users might also need accessibility. In addition, there are quality perspective offered in ISO 9241-220.While this document was designed to be used in interactive systems, the guidelines can be used to other areas. The document doesn't prescribe any kind of procedure, lifecycle, or method. You can utilize the content elements of an user requirement specification to aid in iterative design. This includes the elaboration or evolution of requirements. as in agile development).
Utilizing this international standard can significantly assist your professional activity. It can also help you structure your existing process and give you new opportunities to enter new markets and scale your business. See the top cen catalog standards en-15583-1-2009 (https://standards.iteh.ai/catalog/standards/cen/fd4908cc-61be-449d-b0d2-045fedcb7af5/en-15583-1-2009) info.

Health Informatics: Device Interoperability Part 20701 Point-Of Care Medical Device Communication Service-Oriented Medical Exchange Architecture And Protocol Binding (Iso/Ieee 1107320701, 2020) EN ISO 11073-20701:2020
The use of communication technologies is in a variety of areas and not only those that are directly related to this industry as well as in medical fields. The introduction of various medical devices requires intricate restructuring. To make these processes easier, international documents have been created.
This standard covers the service-oriented medical device architecture and the communication protocol specification for distributed systems that comprise PoC medical devices as well as IT systems that require the exchange of data or the safe supervision of PoC medical devices. It describes the functional components and their connections to each other and the way they are linked to the protocol specifications.This document is highly specialized and narrowly focused. We suggest that you study the technical aspects of this document and speak with the managers who are experts in international document selection. See the top rated cen catalog tc cen-tc-239-wg-4 (https://standards.iteh.ai/catalog/tc/cen/440a305b-10c8-485b-aaf9-89e2bb961d9e/cen-tc-239-wg-4) information.


10-13-2021, 03:40 PM
Part 2 Part 2: Electrical Equipment For Medical Use En 60601-2-3:2015
In the medical field Short-wave treatments are used often. This is why regulation of short-wave therapy has become crucial. IEC 60601-2-3.2012 defines the fundamental safety requirements and the essential performance of short-wave therapeutic equipment. Medical equipment that uses short-wave radiation therapy for the treatment of patients is defined as any device that exposes patients to magnetic or electric fields that have frequencies higher than 13MHz but less than 45MHz. We recommend you reach out to Iteh to find out more about the specifications of this report. See the top rated cen catalog standards pren-15553 (https://standards.iteh.ai/catalog/standards/cen/c0568d67-05f1-49cf-be6c-0a026b2aa824/pren-15553) info.

Innovation Management - Innovation Management System - Guidance (Iso 56002:2019) En Iso 56002:2021
Innovative management methods are essential to build a successful business structure. That's why it's crucial to be attentive to the regulatory documents which govern it, starting from its beginning to its final stage. EN ISO 56002 will be in 2021.This document contains instructions to help you design, implement, maintain and continuously improve your innovation management system. It can be used by any existing organization. It is applicable to:A) Organisations that want to sustain the success of their business by developing and demonstrably their ability to control innovation activities in order to achieve the outcomes they desire.b. Customers, customers or other individuals looking to be confident in the capability of the business to innovate.C. Organisations and other interested parties looking to improve communication via a common understanding what makes an innovation management system.D) Providers of consultancy and training, assessment, and consulting for Innovation management systems and processes.e) Policy makers who aim to increase the effectiveness of support programs that target innovation and competitiveness in organizations and the growth of society.1.2 The guidelines in this document are general and can be utilized by anyone who would like to.A) All types of organizations regardless of type, size, or sector. While our primary focus is on established companies but we also recognize that temporary and permanent businesses are able to benefit from these guidelines in some or all of their entirety.b. All kinds and types of innovation, e.g. Any type of innovation, including product, service and process.c. All kinds of approaches (e.g. open and internal innovation market-, usertechnology and design-driven innovation .It does not detail the activities within an organization, but it provides guidance at a general level. It doesn't prescribe any specific methods or tools however it does provide direction.If you think that a number of the amendments to the document seem confusing and confusing, you must seek out a professional to determine if the international standard is a good fit into your existing organization or requires adjustments and modifications. In your case it may be necessary to select another document that is more appropriate in a related business. Have a look at the most popular sist catalog standards sist-en-iso-10833-2019 (https://standards.iteh.ai/catalog/standards/sist/d6f814b9-3705-491e-9dc3-004e904f4cf9/sist-en-iso-10833-2019) site.

The Characterisation Of Bulk Materials - Determination Of The Size-Weighted Fine Fraction As Well As Crystal Silica Content - Part 3: Sedimentation Method EN 17289-3:2020
Many methods are used to make various materials and their usage. Each requires a level of control that's appropriate for the activity. EN 17178-3, 2020 is one of the documents that specifies the exact application procedure for crystal silica.This document describes the method of determining the size-weighted Fine Fraction (SWFF) or the size -weighted Fine Fraction of Crystalline Silica (SWFFCS). It is an inverse sedimentation method employing a method of liquid sandstone.The goal of this document is to allow the users to examine bulk materials in relation to their size-weighted fine fraction and the content of crystalline silica.This document is suitable for crystalline silica containing bulk materials that have been thoroughly investigated and validated for the evaluation of the size-weighted fraction and the crystalline silica.Specification of production processes makes it much easier to establish a control system. If you are interested in entering new markets, we strongly recommend that you consider buying international standards for your location. See the top 5fa291fcc9e3408993a9a0d7d8de3dd6 samples 15876 (https://cdn.standards.iteh.ai/samples/15876/5fa291fcc9e3408993a9a0d7d8de3dd6/ISO-8586-2-1994.pdf) review.

Methodology To Reduce The Environmental Impact Of The Design And Manufacturing Of Mechanical Products EN 16524:2020
Environmental and safety issues evolve with the advent of new technology and air pollution emerge. EN 16524 2020 is one of the papers which can aid in solving this issue.This document describes a methodology for reducing the overall environmental impact through product design and development that is tailored to mechanical products as described in 3.1.This methodology can be used for the redesign of existing products, but it could also work for new products, provided that the necessary assumptions are made regarding the reference product. It addresses companies which are deciding to implement an ecodesign approach to optimise environmental impact throughout the life-cycle of the product, in conjunction with other aspects of the product, like cost, functionality, quality and so on.It assists in meeting certain requirements of ISO 14001, 2015 on the integration of environmental issues in the design of products. This document is intended for people who are directly involved in the development and production of mechanical products. The methodology proposed is designed to kick-start ecodesign initiatives within organizations in a learning and continuous improvement process.The template can be used by companies in their communications regarding their environmental policies. This document doesn't allow for the comparison of different products, including ones that have similar characteristics in terms of their suppliers. The document isn't appropriate for product certification.This document is vital particularly in the 21st century. Therefore, you should be aware of the possibility of buying it and introducing it into your work. See the top cen catalog standards en-1948-2-2006 (https://standards.iteh.ai/catalog/standards/cen/643cf890-fed1-47bd-869e-7f92c4b2d54a/en-1948-2-2006) info.

Health InformaticsInteroperability Between Devices. Part 20701-Point-Of-Care Medical Communication. Service-Oriented Medical Devices Exchange Architecture And Protocol Binding. (Iso/Ieee 11073-20701:2020). EN ISO 11073-20701:2020
These technologies aren't just used in areas that fall under the umbrella of this category but they are also used in the medical field. To make it easier to implement medical devices, it is complicated and requires the restructuring of the existing technology. International standards were created, such as EN ISO 11073-20701 2020.
This standard is an architecture for medical devices that is service-oriented and Communication Protocol Specification distributed Systems of Point-of-Care(PoC) and medical devices and medical IT Systems that require to exchange data and safely manage PoC connected medical devices. It specifies the functional elements and their relationships to each other as well as the binding of the components and their communication connections to protocols specifications.The document is very limited in profile and is highly specific. It is therefore advised that you study the technical aspects of this document more thoroughly and that when in doubt you seek out managers who have experience in the selection of international documents. See the top sist catalog standards sist-en-60900-2001 (https://standards.iteh.ai/catalog/standards/sist/900e4f94-518b-4246-9d84-d445103ae785/sist-en-60900-2001) information.


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