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MT Gianni
12-04-2008, 04:42 AM
I had a contender in the late 80's and traded it. [45/410 and 7mm TCU] It seemed to be neither fish nor fowl when it came to carring and pointing. I now live in more open country and am thinking it over again. 223 and 7mm tcu or 35 cal. Is there an accuracy difference between the old and G2 models and an Encore? I just ended up with several thousand 223 cases and don't necessarly want an AR. I would like to try a Contender again in those calibers and wondered about the advantages/disadvantages for calling coyotes, set up in a ground squirrel shoot and packing. I probably would want a scope 2-3 power and a carry strap vs a holster. The Encore seems heavy and I would prefer to shoot most of those calibers out of a rifle. Thanks, Gianni

12-04-2008, 05:16 AM
FWIW, I just sold a new Contender Carbine .223 barrel because I could not get the 100yd groups below 2" with six different bullets and four different powders. but I had some years ago a 10" .223 that would. Shouldn't have sold it.

I like the older Contenders for their wonderfully adjustable triggers. G2 and Encore triggers are horrible IMO, but I really like the ability to recock them without breaking open the action.

The Contender is much lighter and easier to carry - I use a chest holster for my 10" barrels (.22LR, .30Carb, & .357mag), and a regular sling for the carbine barrels (.30-30, T/C custom shop .35Rem that loves Ranch Dog bullets, and I'm waiting for an OTT rechamber in .30/.223). I'm not quite sure how to carry my 14" .30 Herrett, but I am not done working up loads for it and will cross that bridge when I come to it - probably go with some kind of sling/carry strap.

If I were shooting harder recoiling rounds, I would go for the Encore in a minute for the wider variety of chamberings and the higher pressure limit, but I'm happy with my '70's vintage Contender that I got used for a song. T/C rebuilt it and upgraded the hammer assembly (for free!) when it was new to me, and I have since put well over 30,000 rounds through it with several dozen different barrels over the years. It is probably my favorite gun.

MT Gianni
12-06-2008, 09:19 PM
Thanks Versifier.