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11-19-2008, 06:43 PM
I'm about to load for this setup and I'm looking for suggestions of a good practice load for it. I have Unique as the powder and will run my min to max loads, but only after I go and send some down range.

11-19-2008, 10:22 PM
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I usually load 230's with UNQ for my G21, but the lighter bullets should be a lot easier to handle out of the smaller frame and much less abusive to the hand. Nothing wrong with Unique for lighter bullets, shoot a few ten shot groups at each charge level and see what the pistol likes. It may shoot hotter loads more accurately, or it may like the lightest best. The only way to find out is to try them, and even if someone else's G30 like a particular load, that is no guarantee that yours will too. UNQ may give you a light but accurate practice load, or you may have to try some different powders to find the best combination. Like with a .38 snubbie, it's nice to have a more user friendly practice load, but I always end a session with a few cylinders of carry loads shot DA. The same logic applies to your little Glock - I would not want to be putting a couple hundred hot loads through it each range session, but I would want the last rounds I shot at that session to be the same as my carry loads. If the worst occurred and I had to use it to defend myself, I would NOT want to have to stop and think about how high or low they'd hit. My carry loads shoot to POA for the fixed sights on both my S&W m36 and my G21, and it took some experimenting to get them to do that. The target loads for the S&W shoot about 12" high, so I practice with it at a longer range (25yds instead of 15). I use BEYE for the target loads in the snubbie - it only likes UNQ when it gets into the +P range. If you are lucky, though, your Glock might decide a light charge of UNQ will be acceptably accurate to practice with. You don't necessarily have to use the same bullet to practice with as long as it feeds OK.

With my G21, I load the most accurate, and with UNQ it is fast enough that I am happy with it as my load for both practice with RN's and carry with the same profile HP's. It is a large enough pistol that the hotter loads are no problem to shoot all day, but it is too bulky to carry in warm weather. But in NH, we don't have a lot of that, so there are ony two months when it is an issue.

11-20-2008, 04:47 PM
You know, for as long as I have been shooting, I haven't taken the time to shoot my own carry rounds to check for POA in order to duplicate that in my practice loads. I need to start doing that. I chose Unique for practice because it uses a comparatively low amount of powder and I can use it with my .357 Sig as well.

For the Sig I still have four tests to run, the first and second rounds for the lower loads with the AA#9, from 10.5-11.7gr, and the full spectrum with Unique, first and second rounds. The first round is five rounds at .2gr increments, retest the second time with 10rds at .1gr increments with the two most accurate loads and the one in between. I have labels and targets for each recipe test, which I tape together, measure at home, and record my findings. This is the only way I've found that will get me to finding the load faster, while using less components to achieve that goal.

I wasn't feeling like testing a whole lot of .45 as well, it's four profiles with the complete spectrum with Unique. With the first and second round of each profile, that's eight tests. It seems I'm going to have to anyways. Yes, for practice, the lighter loads simply cost less and don't beat up my gun as much. I guess now the problem really is the profile, because I can always tweak the charge, and whatever profile works best, is the one I need to get my moulds for. For now, I guess the best thing would be to load all test recipes and git 'er done so I can continue on to shooting it. I've separated and counted all my brass, all I need to do is prime, charge, seat, crimp, shoot, and record. It's a lot of work!