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11-25-2007, 11:13 AM
Who can help me to find a loa for a 7,62 nagant revolver with fmj bullet of 98 grains

in the original brass

11-26-2007, 12:27 AM

He trimmed his brass to 38.75mm = 1.525 inch

The following is from Starline's website (product info):

"7.62 NAGANT - Why is length .060 shorter than Russian cases? During testing of the NAGANT cases, it was discovered that when firing cases (1.520) long with the Graf 98 grain bullet the mouth would flare on one side making extraction difficult. Secondly, when the mouth is deformed, most cases were deemed un-reloadable. The cases that could be reloaded split due to overworking of case mouth after third firing. We decreased powder in the load thinking this would help, but it had no effect. We then began decreasing case length until we reached 1.455 to 1.460. At this length, cases extend beyond cylinder, enter forcing cone, extract easily and reload fine.

What is the best system to load and reload NAGANT cases? Initial loading prime case, drop powder, hand drop bullet, and full length size. Note: Case must be well lubed and may need to go 1/2 way, back-up, re-lube and go again to achieve sizing without ripping head off. Reloading technique ? Knock out primer (no sizing desired) then prime, drop powder, seat bullet (approx. .200 below case mouth using extra long seating stem provided in NAGANT die set) and full length trim size again. Note: They will size much easier this time."
And I knew I had seen more, but it is for 90gr bullets:


11-26-2007, 01:08 AM
More info, and again the Bullseye load: http://www.guns.connect.fi/gow/QA8.html