View Full Version : Hey! Have not been here in awhile.

Bullshop Junior
05-07-2007, 03:28 AM
I have been going to cast boolits. Let me see. Just looking around I see that the last time I was here was when I got a new Swede rifle........HA....That rifle is long gone, and now I have lots of new ones.

New ones that I have got since last here.
Ruger 77 Mk2 20/06
australian enfield 303. (getting rid of that tomorrow to get a British 303)

Ones that I have go rid of since last here
Rossi (yes doc the same one, and guess what! I made money on it when I sold it So HA)

Guns that I am trying to get rid of
Russian M-44
marlin 22.

Ask me any questions about any of them.

Good to be back
Daniel/Bs Jr.