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08-10-2012, 07:30 PM
I am looking for some help understanding what I got. My dad has a Nickle plated revolver. It has the name American Double Action on the top strap and a serial #548 under the grips and has a round bbl. It was my grandfathers and I have purchased a spurless with an octaginal bbl. Both look in excellant condition. My dad is a first variation (1884-1887) and mine is third (1888-1897).

I understand that it is a 32S&W (black power) and the 32S&W Long was introduced in 1896. I have loaded some 32S&W long for my 327fedMag and they fit in the cylinder with about a ľ inch left.

I would love to shoot them atleast once and my concern is what to load. I was thing about a 71gr RN with 2.0gr of Bullseye in the Long brass. I canít find any of the shorter brass or any info to reload. Thanks for any advice.

Paul B
08-11-2012, 04:08 PM
The following data is from the Ideal loading manual #38 put out by Lyman, circa 1951.

.32 S&W 87 gr. lead bullet Lyman #313249 if you can find that mold.
The only powders still available are Bullseye and Unique.

Bullseye 1.4 gr. for 725 FPS (considered max as no starting load given.

Unique 2.0 gr. for 830 FPS Estimated Remarks were "Estimated safe load." Methinks I'd stay away from that one big time.

The other powders mentioned were #6 and P-5066. I once had a supply of P-5066 and it was a good powder but no better than Unique. The loads for those were "estimated" as well which tells me they were never tested. I guess lawyers were not quite as greedy back then.

Be careful loading for thaose old timers.
Paul B.