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04-19-2011, 01:48 AM
i was given an old Fabrique nationale Herstal-Liege rifle. i dont know what caliber or model it is the only other markings i found are the serial number 4987, i still havent clean it but i did took it a part so there may be some small makins i cant see. I have use a micrometer to take mesurement of the end of the bore and it gives me a .27 , i probly need a better micometer, in mm its about 6.9. I do know the .270 and the 6.5 wich =.260 but a 6.9 or caliber close to it im not familiar. any one knows a beter way other than pluging the bore with lead to get the corect caliber or any place i can find the corect caliber for this old rifle.

the rifle is more like a carabine type, for what i can see the wooden stock is not the original and some one at one time cut out pattens and glue the something in there cutouts. The barrel looks decent the bolt is ok some small pittin on the bolt. Spme one again at one time silversoder the rear sight in place, one thing that worries me is that the rear sight is foward of the bolt, just like the AK`s. Heck i hope i can find a barrel i can fit on it.:roll:

04-19-2011, 02:16 PM
if your going to change the barrel the current caliber doesnt matter , with an approximate of .27 it's more than likely a 7 mm mauser , it's hard to measure a bore with a mic or caliber - a better suggestion would be to slug the bore with a lubed soft lead slug slightly larger than bore dia. as you noted , other than that a chamber cast is about the only way , i have no idea where you're at but if in america and it was imported in the last 20-30 years it should have importation marks somewhere , they often stamped caliber on top of the receiver or on the side , sometimes it was just a letter ( such as the "s" when they changed the 8 mm from .319 to .323 dia )

04-20-2011, 05:53 AM
i took the rifle apart and found no markins. To me looks like the barrel was change at one time. this barrel is short, not like the ones i manage to find in the web with similar reciver. Also found out this manufacture imported a large quantaty back in the 50`s. I try my friends
.260cal round and it doesnt fit, needles to say the brass he is using is the same as the .308 cal. im not familiar with european rounds so i have learn now of the 6.5 swed and 6.5 kruger i think thats what its called. So if i cant get a hold of some rounds of this kind ill go ahead and do the lead plug.
By the way im in california.

04-20-2011, 01:55 PM

when nothing seems correct either the above is used or take it to a qualified gunsmith , guessing and trying to fit can get a person in trouble , you state that a 260 doesnt fit but you dont state if too small or too big etc , slugging the bore will tell the bore size but still leaves the chamber dimensions in question , sorry i cant be of more help but ...

04-22-2011, 03:27 AM
yes his .260 brss didnt fit its to big in diameter. since im not working right now and board at home, I use a twistie wired and slowly felt my way into the barel from the reciver end untill i hit what appear to be where the neck seats to the barrel. Then i bent slowly the twistwire at where the rim of the case would stop. took some rough mesuere ments at this point and came up withy 55.2mm the took rough mesuremants of the diameter of the rim whole and came up with 12.2 mm. made some comparisons with metric ammo and looks like the candiates can be 6.5X55 mouser, 6.5x55 swed. and 6.5x55 krag. I know i shouldnt mess around with any ammo at this time untill i do the lead plug or wax plug but this have lead me to learn much more about bullets what i knew. Very intresting learning experiance.:coffee:

04-22-2011, 02:25 PM
the swede actually has a fatter body and larger shell head than the 260 rem does so if the 260 doesnt fit i doubt that that's it ( BTW ? all three you listed are different names for the same thing ) there's also a 6.5 x 54 and a 6.5 x 57 ...if you're convinced that it's a 6.5 caliber try dropping a 25 caliber bullet down the bore , it should just not quite fit , if it falls thru it's either a larger caliber or a very very worn barrel ( 25 cal is .257 dia. btw most 6.5's are .264-.266) several calibers are possible including 6.5 jap , the 6.5 carcano uses i believe a .268 bullet , a very good reference would be any cartridge of the world book