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08-30-2010, 02:41 AM
I have been considering the purchase of a TC Contender or Encore pistol.

My question for the gurus is:

What is the most efficient, hard hitting, long range chambering for the 14 inch barrel?


08-30-2010, 05:45 AM
For doing what? Target, hunting? What range, what game, what sights?

The 14" barrel is what limits the range and the ability to find or improvise as solid a rest as possible in the field. With a 16" barrel, you can use it as a handgun or as a rifle.

08-31-2010, 11:20 PM
usually means a case that will burn every bit of powder available to it accelerating the bullet.
hard hitting.
usually means the bullet gets there with enough energy to do the job at hand.
and long range.
means a heavier sleek bullets that bucks the wind, remains stabilized, and is consistent in construction.
a 14" bbl is gonna limit case size to efficiency to ones from 250 savage sized [volumn wise] and down.
i'd think about a heavy bulleted x39 case [like the gremlin] a herett 30 or 35 or a whisper.
then the long range is another question.
300 yds? 500 yds?
start building yourself some parameters as to what you want the thing to do. research each aspect of your criteria and you might be surprised as to whats available in regular chamberings.
7-08,x39 with a 308 bbl, 6mm ppc, 6.5 grendel.