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Big Fella
09-29-2009, 01:21 AM
I can not find any load data using a 32 caliber, 100 grain wadcutter for the 32 S&W long cartridge. Any suggestions?

09-29-2009, 02:06 AM
Welcome to the Guide.

No problem using cast data for 110 or 115gr bullets with Alliant powders. If you look below you'll see why. Generally one doesn't shoot wadcutters at high velocities for normal target shooting, but WC bullets do perform very well on small game, so there's no harm checking out hotter loads if you are thinking about hunting with it. (My .30carb Contender does very well with Lee 117FNGC "soupcans" at velocities similar to the .32Long.)
Lyman CBH lists these loads:

93gr cast bullet
BEYE 1.5-2.9MAX
RDOT 1.7-3.0MAX
GDOT 1.8-3.1MAX
UNQ 2.4-3.7MAX

115gr cast bullet
BEYE 1.4-2.0MAX
RDOT 1.6-2.5MAX
GDOT 1.7-2.6MAX
UNQ 2.1-3.5MAX

09-29-2009, 11:08 PM
Some of this data might be old, check it with the powder company.

I believe this is from Hodgdon's Annual. I don't know which year but the new one should be available soon.


Big Fella
10-01-2009, 03:17 AM
Thanks men, that was the information I needed!!! Happy Trails!!!