View Full Version : Have a good thanksgiving

11-23-2005, 08:47 PM
Just finished ours. wife has to work tomorrow. Went hunting this morning, no luck. heading back out this afternoon maybe have better luck.


11-24-2005, 04:11 AM
Hiya Toney and to all members,
Toney, you beat me to it ! [smilie=w:
All members, have a Happy Thanksgiving ! You too Daniel !AND your family.
We're headin over to my G/F sisters' house tomorrow.
Looks like no bear hunt this year.Oh well. :cry:
See what happens tomorrow after getting back. :confused:

Bullshop Junior
11-25-2005, 05:46 AM

My mom made 11 pies, an 18 pound turky and lots of other stuff too!!!! and 11 pies was enough for every one that came to our house to have a whole pie. one bite!!!:-P

got to go grouse hunting after I ate my fill to over the capasity of my stomach. Shot a couple of shells for the fun of it, now that I can get shot shell ammo for dirt cheap. Got a rooster.
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I understand about the bear hunt. Last summer I was out side waiting for hunting season to open and I herd the four wheeler start, whatta???? we never use the for wheeler!!!!!!! got up and got to the other side of the garage to see what was going on. DAD WAS PACKING THE FOUR WHEELER TO GO BEAR HUNTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAD CAN I GO????? NO! DRATS!!! OK fine, go get your stuff ready. YIPPEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! the hunt was fun, but the trip up was terrible. Every time the ATV got to a spot that I could not ride I got off and as soon as I went around the bend I ran to the flat ground. We made our camp about half way up the mountain and the second day we rode up the rest of the way. The way down I got a head start walking while dad got the ATV loaded. I walked all the way back to camp. Will not be going again to soon!!!
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Well I got to get back to eating my pie. Mom made so much food that we will be eating thankgiving for the next three days!!!!!!

11-25-2005, 06:24 AM
Hi Daniel,
Thank you.
With all that food, now you know what the turkey feels like....stuffed.
Had a good visit to Rosalie's sister and brother-in-law.Their son, goes to
Afghanistan next Wednesday.We are planning to go to Tucson in few days.
Don't know if he's on base or not. From there, might go to Tombstone.
I'll see how many pics I can get on my camera.So far, over 600.Plenty of room for more.
See ya.